I have few regrets in life. I suppose because I haven’t taken many chances and lived a life of routine and predictability. Time just seems to move at blinding speed until one day you realize; “What have I done in my life. What memories have I to remember in my retirement.”

While I have traveled to the usual places like Hawaii, Disneyland, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon — Where else could I have gone. My journeys were the same as most people. I wanted more. I wanted to see the world. To make my travel, Inspired Travel.

Wow, so what is Inspired Travel. That was the first thing I needed to understand. Could it be philosophical, religious or life altering? Yes and no. It should be different for everyone. However, it should also have things in common.

What inspires me might not inspire you. But for all travelers, this type of travel more than satisfies the need to grow in our understanding of the world around us.

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