10 Ways to Meet New People in Montreal

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10 Ways to Meet New People in Montreal

Moving to an entirely new city can be difficult, especially if you do not know anybody there. Montreal is particularly challenging because it is such a big city that it is easy to feel lost and lonely. Once you have made some new acquaintances, the experience is sure to be much more pleasant for you! We have come up with some ways to meet new people during your time in the city.

Join a French Class

Since you are in Montreal, it is a good idea to brush up on your French. Even though most people speak both French and English, many individuals will still only communicate in French.

During a French class, you will improve your knowledge of the language while making friends with others. People in the class are likely in a similar situation as yourself, so making connections will be easier.


Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community while meeting people from the local area. Common examples of places to volunteer include a pet shelter, a women’s center, or a soup kitchen. Once you meet new people in these places, it is easy to form a connection about your shared passion for helping others.

Sign up for Sports

There are many sports teams, both indoor and outdoor, in Montreal. Local community centers are often looking for new players to join the teams. You can have fun playing your favorite sport while making friends at the same time. After a game, you can always suggest that the whole team go out for dinner or drinks, allowing you to get to know multiple people at once.

Enter a Sugar Relationship

Sugar relationships are far more common and less taboo in modern times than they used to be. As a sugar baby, you will match with an affluent man. He can show you around and introduce you to his friends and acquaintances in Montreal. This will make you feel more at home in the city and a part of the vast community.

To find a sugar daddy in Montreal, you just need to create a profile on an alternative dating website. Then you will match with a partner who meets your criteria, and you can start to get to know one another.

Go Out on the Town

Montreal has a vibrant nightlife, with many bars, restaurants, and clubs to explore. You might feel uncomfortable attending these places by yourself, but it is one of the fastest ways to meet new people. If you are feeling brave, you could ask to join a group and explain that you are new to the area.

If you are at a club, you can ask someone to dance or buy them a drink. This is a good segue into a conversation to get to know them.

Bumble BFF

Bumble is a popular dating app, well-known for its requirement that women must message men first. Some people might not be aware that Bumble has the additional feature of “Bumble BFF”. This is a way for people in the local area to meet each other and form friendships. It is free to use, but you will have a limited daily number of opportunities to ‘like’ a profile. If you upgrade to a premium version, you will not have those limitations.

Attend a Music Festival

Montreal has an abundance of musical festivals, especially in the summer months. Common examples include Heavy Montreal and the International Jazz Festival. If you enjoy listening to live music, you are sure to come across like-minded individuals at these events. Even if you do not end up meeting anyone right away, it is a great opportunity to try something new and experience some of the culture that the city has to offer.

Speed Dating Events

Looking for a romantic partner? Montreal’s speed dating events allow you to speak with several individuals on the same night. You will have a few minutes to get to know someone before you move on to the next person. If you both like each other, you can let the event administrator know, and they will put you in contact.


Meetups is a website that allows you to connect with local individuals who have similar hobbies as you. It also shows you events that are happening in your area that may pique your interest. When you sign up, you pick a few broad topics such as pets, reading, travel, etc. You can then change the filters to only show events on certain days, times, or distances.

Go to a Dog Park

This suggestion works better if you have a pet of your own, but it also works if you are thinking of getting a dog in the future. Spend some time at the park and get to know the people who come by frequently. Owners typically love to talk about their pets, so you will have a lot of good conversation starters. Hopefully, you will strike up a friendship or relationship with someone and broaden your social circles.

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