3 Amazing Canadian Routes Worth Considering for Your Next Road Trip

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Three quarters, or 77% of Canadians are likely to take a road trip outside their town this year, while 43% intend to travel by road outside of their province, according to one poll conducted for Toyota Canada. However, for those who haven’t yet decided on the route they’d like to take, there are amazing options out there. From routes that offer picturesque views to those that are great for seeing some of Canada’s wildlife, here are three routes throughout the country worth keeping in mind.

The Cabot Trail

The Cabot Trail, located in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, was listed as the top road trip in Canada, and seventh across the world, according to one travel report by Premier Inn. Outbeating the famous Route 66 in the United States (which was 10th on the list), the Cabot Trail has no shortage of features to offer those who choose the route. Featuring 298 kilometers of breathtaking scenery, the trail is made up of a mix of paths, road, and stairs, according to Narcity.com. Perfect for those who wish to have ocean views while on their trip, Narcity.com further notes that taking this route ensures an easy hiking opportunity at the Skyline Trail, which happens to be along the route and offers those who love nature the chance to spot a variety of wildlife — including whales and bald eagles.

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If you plan on taking your own car rather than renting one, ensuring that it’s in good shape before embarking on the route is a great way to ensure you’re prepared. One ideal way of doing this is by checking in with various aspects of your car to ensure a safe journey. Checking up on your transmission fluid, for instance, is a great place to start. For those who aren’t particularly familiar with the transmission, its job is to change gears based on car speed and accelerator input so that the engine’s revolutions per minute (RPM) are kept appropriately low. With benefits including decreased fuel consumption and preventing the turning gears from overloading the engine, checking to ensure your transmission is running properly is essential before any long road trip.

From Calgary to Alberta

For those seeking a short road trip that will only last a few days (or four), traveling from Calgary to Lake Louise, Alberta, is a wonderful choice. Debbie Monahan, a Montreal-based regional director with Carlson Wagonlit Travel tells Readers Digest Canada about the route and suggests starting day one of the trip with a tour of the city of Calgary, which will give visitors the chance to visit the site of the 1988 Olympic games, as well as the Calgary Stampede. Monahan suggests spending day two stopping at the Columbia Icefield for a snowmobile tour, before heading to Lake Louise and booking a hotel stay. With Monahan’s suggestion for day three including a trip to Banff Springs at Sulphur Mountain, day four closes with a return to Calgary, which will allow for further exploration of the city. 

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The Crowsnest Highway

For those in search of a route that features a variety of hidden gems along the way, the Crowsnest Highway route is a great choice. An east-west route that stretches an impressive 1,161 km from Medicine Hat to Hope, British Columbia, the route allows travelers to visit a variety of unique stops. Kelsey ARchibald, a member of the Crowsnest Tourism Alliance notes, “By taking this route you transform your time behind the wheel into a fantastic road trip through three key regions and distinct geography,” Archibald says, going on to further note “From forests to desert and then a lush valley.” The Similkameen Valley is just one notable attraction along the route, as it allows for visitors to experience the region’s wine culture through its vineyards, and allows the chance to visit charming small towns such as Keremeos. 

With so many unique, picturesque, and entertaining things to do in Canada, going on a road trip is a great way to explore a variety of attractions all in one go. With noteworthy routes including that of the Crowsnest Highway and the Cabot Trail, there’s no doubt that there’s a trip out there to suit everyone.

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