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A fun Argentine movie has become a trend on Netflix and has been among the most watched on the streaming service worldwide. This is ‘Granizo’, a film directed by Marcos Carnevale that premiered last week.

“A famous meteorologist who fails to prevent a destructive hail storm is forced to flee to his hometown, where he embarks on a journey of rediscovery,” says the synopsis of the film starring Guillermo Francella.

If you liked ‘Hail’ and you were left wanting more, then we recommend 3 similar movies that you can’t miss on Netflix:

Today the world is fixed

Argentine film of 2022 that arrived a few weeks ago on Netflix. “When workaholic Diego discovers that he may not be little Benito’s father, the duo embark on an emotional search for the child’s biological father,” reads the film’s synopsis.

The film was directed by Ariel Winograd and stars Leonardo Sbaraglia, Benjamín Otero, Luis Luque, Charo López, Natalia Oreiro, Martín Piroyansky, José Luis Gioia, Gabriel Corrado, Gerardo Romano, Mario Alarcón, among others. It has a duration of 114 minutes.

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Crazy Heart

2020 Argentine film that Marcos Carnevale also directed. “Fernando is such a familiar man, so familiar… that he has two families. And he goes out of his way for both. But a single mistake will be enough for them to collide,” indicates the synopsis of the film.

The film was directed by Marcos Carnevale and stars Adrián Suar, Soledad Villamil, Gabriela Toscano, Alan Sabbagh, Darío Barassi, Magela Zanotta, Betiana Blum, among others. It has a duration of 108 minutes.

May God come down and see it

Funny Spanish comedy from 2018 that is available on Netflix. “A young priest trains a clumsy team of monks to win a soccer championship and thus save the monastery, which they want to turn into a hotel,” says the synopsis of the film.

The film was directed by Curro Velázquez and stars Karra Elejalde, Alain Hernández, Juan Manuel Montilla, Joel Bosqued, Macarena García, Tito Valverde, Paco Rueda, Guillermo Furiase, Txema Blasco and Paco Sagarzazu. It has a duration of 95 minutes.

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