35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch

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35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

The holidays are just around the corner, and with this, Netflix is bringing in amazing shows daily that you can binge every day. It’s practically a national hobby to binge-watch the finest Netflix series for hours (particularly when it’s freezing outdoors). They’ll keep you occupied until it’s time to watch a Netflix Christmas movie.

There’s a lot more to watch on Netflix—the greatest horror movies if you’re looking for a good scare, the finest romance movies if you’re in love, and so on. When you want to

 From hilarious dramas to cult hits, this guide to the best shows you can watch right now on Netflix is ​​sure to inspire you to watch in November. So pick up popcorn and your favorite drink and snuggle up under the blanket to enjoy the winter. 

Tiger King 2

35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

Yes, you read that correctly: the popular program that got us through the worst of the quarantine is returning for a second season, promising all the cat drama you’ve been yearning for. The docuseries depicts a battle between two private zoo owners with dubious ethics and business methods. The sudden prominence and unwanted scrutiny from the authorities, according to Netflix, will ratchet up the heat and “unearth some surprising secrets.”

Pretty Smart

35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

Emily Osment is redoing what she is doing best at another sitcom. She plays a recently abandoned, self-proclaimed crazy man who has her relatively unintellectual sister and three quirky roommates, one of whom is almost shirtless, Gregg Sulkin.

Sex Education

35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

This hilarious comedy-drama will make you laugh and roll around the floor. The main character is Otis, a clumsy and anxious boy who is sexually inexperienced and has trouble masturbating. The fact that his mother is a sex therapist complicates things, and when a rebellious girl named Maeve proposes to start a sex therapy school together, things start to escalate.

 The Circle

Let’s make it even more stressful by putting $100,000 on the line. Contestants in The Circle are secluded in their apartments and can only connect through a social media app. Everyone is requested to score their fellow participants regularly. The highest-ranking contestants become “Influencers,” and the lowest-ranking contestants are dismissed (and the most popular contestant wins the cash prize).

But there’s a catch: in the competition, people may choose to be whatever they want, which means the lovely “girl-next-door” you’ve been flirting with could be a middle-aged male. With all the catfishing and bogus identities that have been adopted on the internet, it’s not that far off the mark.


35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

It’s implausible that you missed the Christmas launch of this long-awaited Shonda Rhimes TV series. If you manage to wait to see the show (and didn’t buy your way to hype online), don’t resist anymore: Bridgerton is a must-see. This series follows the London elite of the early 19th century. Think of it as a mix of gossip girl and forgiving and fugitives of pride & prejudice, something that everyone can enjoy, and a fun reinterpretation of how people of color at this time work. With just eight episodes and lots of cliffhangers and addictive dramas, you’ll break the show in a few days. There was a spin-off from Queen Charlotte, but now we can see Season 1.


35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

This program may be upsetting if you’ve ever been a victim of domestic abuse. Although physical abuse cases are more pronounced, emotional abuse cases are hazier and frequently fail in court due to a lack of proof. This presentation portrays the terrible reality of emotional abuse victims and the lack of help available to vulnerable persons who have fled violent situations.


35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

It’s very easy to become addicted to this dark spin on the Archie comics: The show’s recognizable high-school characters provide enough shocks in the first season to draw you in, and the show’s darker tone will keep you watching in the following seasons. Even though the narrative becomes confused at times, the attractive cast and melodrama satisfy any casual binge-watcher. Now that the most recent season—season 5—is available on Netflix, you can catch up on this must-see series before season 6 begins.

Midnight Mass

This one’s for you, horror aficionados! This new series, helmed by Mike Flanagan (Hillhouse Haunting, Doctor Sleep), is great for a look after Halloween. When a charismatic priest arrives and brings a strange miracle to a remote island village, things appear too good to be true. And if you’re familiar with horror shows or Mike Flanagan, you know that if anything seems too good to be true, it probably is. Simply put, new religious residents quickly learn that these miracles do not come without a cost.

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Locke & Key

Locke & Key is based on the blockbuster graphic novel series about three siblings who find their family’s ancestral house has some mysteries. When their father is murdered and kids move into his family’s home, they discover a lot of unique keys that can be used to unlock various doors in odd ways. But there’s good, evil, and a demonic creature with nefarious intentions is also vying for control of the keys.

Schitt’s Creek

35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

This comedy follows the Rose family as they are driven out of their lifestyles as the affluent and famous and into a middle-of-nowhere (and named) town full of strange individuals in a touching (and now Emmy-winning) riches-to-rags narrative. They strive to reconstruct their previous lives but instead end up creating new ones. Schitt’s Creek made history by winning the Emmys for Best Comedy Series in 2020, and the last season (season 6) was released on Netflix last year. Now is the time to see this hilarious program if you haven’t already.

Sex Life

Sex life has generated a lot of attention—and let’s say it’s not for the best screen illumination. The new Netflix series follows a housewife who is as hot as the weather and longs for a wild and sex-filled party day when she was younger. She starts composing her essay about her personal experience on her laptop as she dreams about her time with Bad Boy Records Manager Brad. Instead of offending her, her spouse chose to utilize her dream typeface as a guide to spice up her sex life. As you might expect, it’s rated R, so don’t tell your mother about it.

Who Killed Sara?

35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

The Spanish series has reportedly become the most popular non-English language drama on Netflix since its inception in March 2021. Who killed Sara is the million-dollar question. Alex (Manolo Cardona), a man unfairly imprisoned for 18 years for a crime he did not commit, is curious. Sara is his sister, and he was wrongfully imprisoned for her murder.

Kim’s Convenience

35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

Looking to broaden your knowledge of Asian culture beyond AAPI month? Try Kim’s Convenience, a humorous and touching sitcom about the Korean-Canadian Kim family owns and operates a convenience shop in Toronto. It’s easy to understand why the program has won so many awards: from Mr. and Mrs. Kim (stern but well-intentioned parents) to Janet and Jung (their Korean-Canadian children attempting to balance the two cultures), it’s tough not to cheer for the real, likable characters.

Cowboy Bebop

The live-action adaptation of the iconic anime, starring John Cho as Spike Spiegel, follows a motley squad of bounty hunters as they attempt to apprehend the galaxy’s most dangerous criminals. Mark your calendars for November 19 because that’s when the first ten episodes will be released.

Too Hot to Handle

35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

You might be suspicious of this one based on the trailer (we were, too), but it turns out that witnessing a lot of attractive individuals struggle with their libidos is more amusing than we anticipated. The sizzling reality program follows ten exceptionally gorgeous individuals who are forced to live together under one condition: they must complete a $100,000 celibacy challenge, with any infractions resulting in a loss of prize money.

The Irregulars

35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

Between the rugged Victorian backdrop, the hints of the paranormal, and the rather ominous Dr. Watson (yes, that Watson), a lot is happening in this new take on the Sherlock Holmes stories. Bea and her makeshift chosen family struggle to deal with the onset of mysterious powers. Blending some of the teen drama of Outer Banks, the mystery and danger of any Sherlock Holmes story, and a historical setting reminiscent of Bridgerton (if a bit darker), this series is practically guaranteed to be a hit (and it’s a great binge-watch, either way).

Never Have I Ever

35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

Netflix’s unique coming-of-age drama has finally gotten its second season. If you haven’t seen the first season, it tells the narrative of Devi, a first-generation Indian-American kid growing up in Southern California. Devi must deal with the death of her father and the traps of high school hierarchy while navigating high school, a delicious love triangle that rivals the famed Edward vs. Jacob conflict, and friendships with her two BFFs.

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The trending hashtag #SaveManifest seems to have worked as Netflix extended its recent hit NBC Mystery series to the fourth and final seasons. The story that followed a group of passengers on a five-year missing flight that suddenly reappeared had a significant impact on social media and sailed high for weeks in the Netflix Top 10.

Many things can happen in five years, and this means that most spouses have moved, their children have grown up, their parents have died, and it is tough to return to society. To make matters worse,  passengers begin to experience voices and visions depicting events that have not yet occurred, sending them a bumpy moral path that can only be learned together.


35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

Joe Goldberg is a romantic psychopath (the best word I could ever come up with), and this psychological thriller series goes inside his heart. You can see all three seasons of his quest for twisted love, as well as his inner voice, which makes the justification of murder nearly meaningful. After all, both love and violence are.

Sexy Beasts

35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

When it comes to traditional dating, most individuals want to give it their all when they first meet someone. “Love Is Blind,” a Netflix reality dating program, questioned the concept of love at first sight by never displaying it to contestants before their engagement. This weird new dating show has chosen to take it a step further by transforming all of the daters into animals and other creatures utilizing modern prostheses. The disguise is removed once the featured partner chooses, allowing you to observe if the person’s genuine look matches their personality preferences.

Clickbait35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

You’re lying if you claim to have predicted the finale of Clickbait. Nick Brewer, a family guy, is kidnapped at the start of the new Netflix limited series. However, what appears to be an abduction case gets more convoluted when footage of him carrying a series of signs is published. One accuses him of abusing women, while another alleges he murdered a lady. While his family searches for the individuals who kidnapped Nick, they must also consider what Nick could have done to cause this odd hostage scenario.

Squid Game

35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November


This Korean series, which has been making Netflix history (it’s number one in the Top 10), is a must-watch if you’re a fan of Hunger Games, Battle Royale, or Belko Experiment-style storylines. Hundreds of cash-strapped gamers accept an odd offer to engage in what appear to be harmless activities with an enticing prize at the end. There’s just one catch: if you’re eliminated or forfeited, you’ll die.

Saved by the Bell

35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

All five seasons of the Classic Sitcom (before the reboot) are now available on Netflix with the spin-off Saved by the Bell: The College Years and two Saved by the Bell movies Wedding in Las Vegas and Hawaiian Style. If you live under a rock and are unfamiliar with the series, it focuses on a group of high school students working on real-life issues like substance use, homelessness, death, and women’s rights.

In the Dark

If you haven’t seen the first two seasons of In the Dark yet, would you like to leave everything and start watching immediately? The main character of the series is a pessimistic blind man who lives his life mainly in a drunken haze. The first two seasons will revolve around the murder mystery of one of her close friends, which puts her in one of the biggest drug rings in the business.

Dear White People

35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

Set in a progressive, perhaps post-racist college-like university, the show is part of a comedy-drama on a campus full of white students claiming to be non-racist. Followed by a group of colored students navigating everyday regrets and microaggressions. From blackface parties to campus security attacks, the series explores many different situations and how they affect black people who are trying to understand their subconscious prejudices and harmful stereotypes better. A great watch for you.

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The Walking Dead

35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

Like the zombies in the title, this dark series never dies. Season 10 is new to Netflix, as are nine seasons, and all these seasons are now all ready to get drunk. Offering horror, tears, laughter, and more on an episode-by-episode basis, the show follows a group of survivors fighting the dangerous zombie-infested ruins of the Old United States.

Black Mirror

35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

For some genuine psychological terror, turn to Black Mirror. It only features 22 episodes (including the interactive film Bandersnatch), but each is effectively a stand-alone picture, with most episodes lasting 45 minutes to over an hour. Reality is eerily similar to the circumstances depicted in this dark, twisted program, making it the ideal binge-watch for anyone seeking psychological dread.

​​Top Secrets UFO Projects: Declassified

35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

If you’re not convinced that aliens exist, you could be after viewing this documentary on the search for extraterrestrial life. Even though allegations of extraterrestrial encounters have long been denied, Netflix’s film will investigate the possibility that aliens reside among us and that the government has been concealing this information for years. Prepare to go down a rabbit hole (black hole?) of a lifetime, conspiracy enthusiasts.


35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

Turn to Lucifer for a dose of slick, dark humor, as it follows the fallen angel as he begins a new life in Los Angeles. The devil himself becomes a police consultant, and the show’s combination of ethical issues and procedural drama (with a bit of romantic tension for good measure) will keep you captivated through every episode.

The Chair

35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

Ji Yoon (Emmy Award-winning Sandra Oh) is the new chair of the English Institute at the prestigious University of Pembroke, but the promotion isn’t as big as it looks. As the first woman to lead an undergraduate and one of the few colored staff at the university, she faces an absolute PR nightmare. A fellow professor has been accused of improper behavior towards students. Based on the trailer, he may have a romantic relationship with Ji Yoon.

Ginny and Georgia

35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

Ginny and Georgia are two ladies you’d never put together as having the same Myers-Briggs personality type, but after relocating to small-town Wellsbury, Massachusetts, they discover they’re more alike than they thought. Sex scandals, petty social cliques, and murder are all part of their double lives. In a nutshell, it’s a beautiful blend of Gilmore Girls wholesomeness with a dark, criminal undertone.

Black Summer

Black Summer will not disappoint if you’re seeking the next fantastic zombie show in an oversaturated industry. The format is unusual because it depicts disconnected, out-of-order chronological segments that finally come together to form a coherent tale. It has a lot of intriguing characters, but you need to be careful not to become too close to any of them.

Outer Banks

35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

Outer Banks Season 2 is now here: The show follows a group of oddball teenagers as they go treasure hunting, fishing, surfing, and evading gunfire on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The stunning seaside setting and warm-weather atmosphere will win you over if the action-packed drama and dynamic, appealing characters don’t.

Sweet Tooth

35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

This new DC Comics-based fantasy series is set in a post-apocalyptic fairytale world where “nature turned everyone sick.” That first part may seem too familiar, but the similarity ends there: This epidemic resulted in the strange birth of hybrid kids that were half human and half animal. Many humans dread and kill hybrids, unsure if they are the source or effect of the illness, making life for these children much more difficult post-pandemic.

Virgin River

35 Bingeable Shows on Netflix to Watch This November

This series is ideally constructed to be binge-worthy, with the small-town intrigue of Gilmore Girls, the medical mystery of Grey’s Anatomy, and the sexual tension of all your favorite banter-filled rom-com. Even better, it’s set in a wintry northern California town—and Season 3 just came out, so there’s even more to appreciate, especially if you’re looking for a quick fix.

What are you waiting for? Settle on your couch, put on your favorite quilt, make a cup of hot chocolate or maybe order in your favorite food and start binging on these fantabulous shows. 

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