365 Days 2: Netflix Confirms 2 Sequels! Here’s What You Should Know

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The erotic thriller “365 Days” became a sensational success on Netflix. Now the streaming service is shooting two sequels and thereby ignoring the controversies of the first part.

Netflix is shooting two sequels of the successful erotic thriller “365 Days”.
This completely adapts to the novel trilogy by Polish author Blanka Lipinska.
INSPIREDTRAVELER reveals what to expect in Part 2 and when to expect the new films.

In the summer of 2020, Netflix bought the international rights to the Polish erotic thriller “365 Days”. As a result, the film jumped into the Netflix Top 10 in over 90 countries and stayed in the charts there for several weeks. A sequel was only a matter of time!

Now Netflix has confirmed two more films that fully adopt the novel trilogy of the same name. The most famous series, known as the Polish answer to “Fifty Shades of Gray”, also hit the German and all over the world bestseller list.

The first “365 Days” film met with all kinds of headwinds. Viewers accused the story of romanticizing sexual violence, a petition with over 95,000 signatures asked Netflix to remove the film from its program.

The success of “365 Days” makes Netflix seemingly ignore the criticism. The sequels are now being produced by Netflix itself, so it is at least conceivable that the controversial elements of the story in parts 2 and 3 will be toned down.

In the part second movie, Laura and Massimo continue their relationship. However, Massimo’s family causes trouble and a mysterious stranger who advances Laura endangers their love.

The start date is not yet known, but part 2 is likely to be released in summer 2022, with part 3 likely to follow a year later.

Netflix is now increasingly relying on productions with a lot of eroticisms. The concept works, as the success of series such as ” Bridgerton ” or ” Sex Education ” shows. The hottest scenes from “Bridgerton” Season 1 can be found in our overview!

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