365 Days 2: Netflix finally announces the spicy trailer and the official release date

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365 Days 2: Netflix finally announces the spicy trailer and the official release date

365 Days has become one of the most watched movies on Netflix, and it is not for less, since since its landing in 2020 this has been one of the main and strong competitions of the also erotic trilogy 50 Shades of Gray. Now, the release date was finally announced recently, after more than two years without new action on the screens.

To the surprise and delight of fans of Massimo Torricelli (Michele Morrone) and Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka), this couple will again put everyone in great tension with the upcoming release of its sequel. Let us remember that with its premiere in 2020, this work received a lot of criticism, which put its future at risk, since there was a lot of talk about Stockholm syndrome.

Everything seems to indicate that the production decided to ignore the negative comments and decided to continue with this story inspired by the novels of the same name by the writer Blanka Lipinska, and everything seemed to be successful, since Netflix subscribers are more than happy for see the newest of this production.

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Trailer and release date of 365 Days

Recently, this Thursday, April 7, the Netflix production aired the trailer for 365 Days 2 (365 DNI 2). The images that were seen in it have been truly tentative for the fans, who have not contained their emotions with this clip that lasts just 1.57 minutes.

365 Days will be premiering on Netflix screens on April 27 of this year 2022, that’s right, now there are only 20 days left for the new premiere of this erotic drama, and what’s coming promises more drama than ever, with the appearance of a new character that promises to be the imbalance of this marriage.

What is expected of 365 Days 2?

According to the synopsis, in the new film we will accompany the leading couple in a new stage: that of marriage. The duo’s happiness, however, should not last long. That’s because the mobster’s family connections will complicate the lives of the lovers.

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Likewise, this new mysterious man, named Marcelo “Nacho” Matos (Simone Susinna), enters Laura’s life, promising to compete against Massimo to win her heart and trust. The sequel will follow the later novel This Day.

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