365 Days 2: When Will The Movie Release On Netflix?

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356 Dni is based on a series of novels, so a second installment is feasible.

The surprising ending of “365 Dni” (“365 Days”) has left viewers eager for a second part. Although Netflix has not yet ruled on the sequel to this film, we know that it is based on a trilogy of books by author Blanks Lipinska, so it is very likely that “365 Dni 2” is already in development. This is all the information available about the possible continuation.

Release date

Although the reviews received by “365 Dni” are not very positive, the film enjoys great popularity among Netflix users. The audience response, added to the fact that the film is based on a series of novels, practically ensures the arrival of a second episode. Although this project is not too ambitious and could finish its filming relatively soon, if we take into account the current sanitary measures, the film would reach the platform by the end of 2021 at the earliest.

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What Happened At The End?

In the final minutes of “365 Dni”, Mario, Massimo’s confidant discovers that another mafia family intends to kill Laura. Although he tries to warn them, Mario can’t contact any of them. Finally, he manages to communicate with Laura, but when she enters a tunnel, communication is interrupted. Later, Massimo also tries to talk to his partner but gets no answer. The mafia ties up ropes and, realizing what happened, collapses. The next thing we see is a plan that shows the entrance of the tunnel, with a police car waiting outside. Sign that something terrible has happened there.

Some viewers believe that Laura could have been kidnapped, others think she managed to escape. In the worst-case scenario, the protagonist of “365 Dni” could have been killed by Massimo’s rival gang. Although there are many open fronts, there can only be one answer, what has really happened to Laura? Considering that the film is based on the first book of a trilogy, it is very likely that we can see it back in the second part.

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In it, Massimo would embark on a mission to save Laura from her captors. Luckily for fans, it is very difficult for this film not to have a sequel, since it has received a great reception from Netflix users.

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