365 Days Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot & Here Is All We Know 

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So, fans, are you ready to experience a new roller coaster ride of hottest, thrill, and suspense? As the mind-boggling duo of Massimo and Laura is returning with a boom. We all know it’s not over yet. So, gear up as season two is landing soon.

It’s been a long the fans have been craving to know what happens after the thrilling cliffhanger of Season 1 of 365 days. So, it seems all the questions of the fans will be answered as the makers have confirmed the sequel season of 365 days. We have gathered all the important details about the upcoming season. So, make sure to dive into the article to know more about 365 Days Season 2.

365 Days Sneak Peek – Quick Recap

365 Days is one of the sensational creations of Tomasz Mande and Barbara Bialowas. With the debut of its first season in 2020, the show won the hearts of fans. Its polished romantic drama plot with the perfect flavors of hotness, thrill, passion, and suspense impressed the views. 365 Days is the perfect recreation of Blanka Lipiska’s first trilogy.

365 Days follows the story of a gorgeous lady hailing from Warsaw. It features the spiritless relationship of the lady with a Sicilian handsome hunk. A man who imprisons the lady for 365 days, offering her this time to fall in love with him. The plot carries the perfect blend of sexual scenes, passionate love, and thrill.

Michele Morrone perfectly delivered in the role of Don Massimo, while Anna-Maria Sielucka stunned the audience with her flawless performance as Laura Biel. With its debut in 2020, 365 Days captured the attention of the viewers. It got worldwide recognition and in some areas, it’s still a trending show on Netflix. The fans showered their good reviews and love on the characters and the show. However, the end of season 1 was pretty confusing for them. It left them hunting for the next season and finally, we have some good news.

The most-watched Netflix show in the United States, 365 Days is returning with its second season.

365 Days Season 2 Renewal Status – Is There A Season 2 For 365 Days?

It’s already a year, the fans are waiting for the next installment of 365 Days, and now all of a sudden; we have got a piece of surprising news. As per the latest updates from theawesomeone.com, Netflix is gearing up to deliver two sequels for 365 Days.

365 Days quickly rose to the top of Netflix’s most-watched titles in the year 2020. With the immense popularity of the show, Netflix picked the show and kick-started the production of not one but two sequels. The streaming giant will be developing the story as per the trilogy.

As per the updates, the series will be transformed to a big-budget movie with the same name. The movie was planned to start its shooting work back in August 2020 in Sicily. However, due to the wave of the covid-19 pandemic, the makers had to skip the schedules and the current status are still unveiled.

365 Days Season 2 Release Date – When Will The New Season Land?

According to previous updates, the filming work of both the sequels of the second season of 365 Days was supposed to start in May 2021. So, both the sequels are expected to release in 2022. Though the creators have not yet confirmed the official premiere date, we can speculate its release in mid-2022. We will make sure to update you once the makers reveal the official release date.

365 Days Season 2 Cast – Who Will Be In Season 2?

All a lot of hassles, we have collected some updates on the cast list of 365 Days Season 2. The original cast of the show will reprise their roles in the upcoming sequels of the show. Michele Morrone will be back as Massimo, and Anna-Maria will also return as Laura. Moreover, Tomasz Mandes and Barbara Bialowas will return to the seats of the directors.

Magdalena will return as Olga and OtarSaralidze will be back as Dominico. While some new actors may join the plot to add a pinch of freshness.

365 Days Season 2 Plot – What Will Happen In The New Season?

After the first season’s cliffhanger, Laura’s fate is pretty unclear. However, the story will proceed as there are two more novels on which the series is based. So, it’s time to begin a new chapter of Laura and Massimo’s life and we to some extend know the story.

The couple will tie their wedding knots after Massimo learns Laura is pregnant. However, there are a lot of hassles and complications left in the story. As the story proceeds, we will witness how Marcelo “Nacho” Matos kidnaps Laura. However, the story takes a turn and she finds herself falling in love with Nacho too. It outputs in the development of a love triangle. So, what’s next? 365 Days will explore the depth of their relationship and deliver insane entertainment to the audience.

365 Days Season 2 Teaser or Trailer

The official teaser or trailer of 365 Days Season 2 is still under the wraps. But, the good news is we will get more than one trailer for the series as Netflix will drop two sequels of 365 Days. Stay in touch as we will update you once the streaming giant releases an official trailer.

365 Days Season 2 – Where To Watch?

365 Days Season 2 will be officially available on Netflix. All Netflix subscription holders can stream the episodes of the upcoming season online.


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