42 years after his birth, we leave you the best Heath Ledger movies


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The passage through this world of Heath Ledger was not one more. The actor, born in Australia in 1979, knew how to earn a place among the best actors in the world, by dint of great performances.

After a few minor roles in his homeland, Ledger moved to the US in the late 1990s to further his career. He quickly landed a starring role in 10 Things I Hate About You, quickly leading to other major roles, building a career that showed tremendous promise. He reached the peak of it with his interpretation of the Joker, in one of the best impersonations of the Gotham villain.

To remember him and honor him on the day he would turn 42, we leave you this selection of films available on the different platforms:

Secret in the mountain

Two cowboys meet while lining up to be hired by rancher Joe Aguirre. When their boss sends them to herd cattle on Brokeback Mountain, a special feeling develops between them that leads to an intimate relationship. Jake Gyllenhall co-stars with Ledger in this rather disruptive love story for the time. It was directed by Ang Lee and is available on Netflix

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knight heart

Also available on Netflix, this period film that unites action, love and humor in a subtle and intelligent way, is about a young man who wants to become a knight despite everything against him.

Monsters Ball

One of the surprises in Ledger’s career, in a relatively small movie that broke her around the world and led Halle Berry to win the Oscar for Best Actress. Here, a racist prison officer will change his way of understanding life when he meets the widow of a convict executed in the electric chair.

Directed by Marc Forster and starring, in addition to Ledger and the aforementioned Berry, by Billy Bob Thornton. It is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Batman: The Dark Knight

Available on HBO Max, it is not necessary to clarify much about this tremendous Nolan film, in which Edger gives us a memorable role as the Joker, which will remain etched in film history forever.

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The patriot

Starring Mel Gibson, Heath puts himself in the shoes of one of his sons. After refusing to fight in the War of Independence, one of his sons (Ledger) enlists in the army, so between that and the advance of the enemy, he must rethink his initial decision. Perhaps a film with too much American patriotism, but it is worth seeing a young Ledger in one of his first big Hollywood films. Available on HBO Max.

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