5 Hot New Trends in Online Gambling

Samuel Edwards

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Online gambling moves at a lightning pace. There are constant developments and improvements to gameplay, technology, and service that are based on consumer demand and the movements of the gambling industry. This coming year is no exception.

We predict there’ll be a big push towards virtual reality gambling and cloud gaming in 2021/22, as well as increasingly immersive gambling experiences for users to enjoy. Here is a quick rundown of the top trends you can expect to see in the world of online gambling.

1. Betting on Esports

The rise of esports gambling proves that playing can be fun as well as incredibly interactive. Betting on in-game play, engaging with teams and players, and getting involved in a community of fans all enhance the enjoyment for players. The fast-paced environment is a huge draw for all kinds of people, and Esports are increasing in popularity with all-new opportunities in different games and activities. With more places to watch and join in with the Esports community, now is the best time to jump in!

2. Winning and Playing with Cryptocurrency

Although the market remains volatile, cryptocurrency is booming, and casinos are increasingly dealing with crypto as a new way for players to deposit playing money and withdraw their winnings. As fans increase in number, online casinos will need to add functionality in order to keep up with demand, with many popular casinos already offering a range of wallet options.

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There will also be a focus on enhanced security for money transfers as well as a broader tightening of internet security for casinos and gambling sites. In fact, given the high profile nature of recent hacker incidents, it is clear cybersecurity in the online gambling industry is set to be one of the hot topics of 2021 and beyond. No site will survive if its security is not completely watertight.

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3. Big Uptick in Mobile Gambling

Most popular online casinos now offer mobile gaming through apps or their website and the mobile experience looks set to become more streamlined and user-friendly. Users are increasingly accessing gambling sites through their phones, as this online gambling market report shows, as playing anywhere and at any time is a huge bonus for gamblers and casual players alike. Slots games online will become more widespread for mobile devices, and many more users will sit at poker tables on their smartphones. The strength of an online casino will be largely based on how easy it is to play games and gamble using mobile apps and on-the-go technology. Sites with slow-loading mobile apps or no capacity for mobile devices will suffer.

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4. Rise of Virtual Reality Gambling

Virtual reality headsets and glasses will make gambling a truly immersive experience in the near future. The potential for fun within VR is huge as social and gambling fields are growing. Think about the possibilities of playing poker in a virtual reality setting, or visiting a casino using your VR goggles without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. The state of virtual reality gaming and gambling is still in its infancy but watch this space for important developments as more people join together to meet and play.  

5. New Players in the Market

As the industry booms, you’ll see increased competition coming from different parts of the world that aim to compete with the established players in the United States and Asia. There will be an overall increased focus on customer experience and satisfaction, since users will have a larger market to choose from. Unfortunately, as the industry matures, the rise of scam casinos and fake gambling websites will continue. Players must continue to stay alert to the threat of cyber scams and hacking attempts from these bogus sites.

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The rise of online gambling is set to continue apace. Online gambling represents a convenient and fun way to gamble and have fun playing cards, using the slots, or even betting on elections. Users don’t have to leave their home, the spaces are anonymous, and play takes place at any time of the day or night.

The trends to watch out for include a boost in the immersive nature of games and gambling opportunities, the rise of virtual reality, faster speeds to play more complex games online, more technology to streamline sites, and a greater emphasis on the quality of play, as well as on bonuses and incentives for loyal customers. All this looks set to create an exciting space for gambling in 2021/22.

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