5 Signs that Indicate you need to Replace Your Windows

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Normally, when a home is constructed, people use quality materials so that it can last longer but at some point, windows, doors, and other things start wearing out. Things will start to give signs and it is up to you how and when you decide to replace them. Windows and doors also wear out after being used for a long time. When Canadian patio doors and windows get old, they show signs, but many homeowners are not familiar with these signs and wouldn’t care much unless things are really out of hand.

Here in this article, we will tell you 5 signs that indicate that you need to replace your windows. If you tend to notice these signs, make sure you replace your windows even if they are not so old because issues can arise even in new windows. 

  1. Faulty windows: If your windows are getting jammed and sticking every time you open or close them then there is a fault in its installation, and it needs to be fixed right away. The style of your windows does not matter as functional windows should slide properly or get open properly without using too much force. Windows need to be attached when they are balanced, for instance, if the alignment is not correct, they tend to stick and jam. However, if your windows are not new and there is rust and mold fixated there, the windows tend to jam and stick as well. The balancing issues indicate that you need to replace your windows. 
  2. Presence of draft: If you have been noticing a cold draft in your home and struggling to maintain the temperature, then the draft is the issue. Drafts are usually noticeable in the winter months and especially in Canada, they can affect your home. Your furnace and HVAC system will use more power than before to keep the home warm and it might add extra bills. 
  3. Water leakage through windows: If your windows are having a leakage problem then you definitely need to replace your windows. If the leaks and condensation are built on the glass, it can ruin the windowpanes and frost can really lower the temperature during the winter season. To avoid that, windows must be replaced.   
  4. Poor functioning windows: Windows have a lot of functions such as providing light, allowing ventilation, and reducing energy costs but if there is a problem to achieve any of that, then you should replace your windows with an alternative window that allows you all of the above-mentioned functions. These days windows and doors are produced in a separate dedicated factoryby door and window manufacturing companies that are perfectly functional and if you got one with poor functionality then the company can replace it or refund it. 
  5. Damage: If you see that a part of your window is damaged then it is time to replace that. The window lock or handle can get damaged, the glass could break, and the frame could get rusty and damaged over time, so if any of these happens, you must replace these parts or the window because damaged windows could put you at security risks. 

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