5 Things to Do in Canmore (Activities and Adventure)

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Rising tourist destination Canmore will mesmerize you with its beautiful view of the Canadian Rockies. It was originally a small coal mining town whose purpose was to serve Canadian Pacific Railways and is now a popular tourist destination in Canada.

It is a small town in Alberta that is approximately 81 kilometers west of Calgary near the south edge of Banff National Park. It is the center of parks like Kananaskis and Spray lake, which offer a great outdoor activity for the adventure seeker and provide a chance to connect with nature.

Canmore is the ideal place to visit in any season, from autumn to winter. In summer, you can feel the freshness of nature in the environment, while in winter, you can seek sports like snowboarding and skiing.

These all are just small scoops of the attraction of Canmore. We have prepared a list of major tourist attractions that will give you maximum entertainment during your visit to Canmore.

5 Things to do in Canmore (Activities and Adventure)

In Canmore, there are many things to do. Therefore, it is necessary to plan activities. For a fulfilling trip, you need detailed planning. To help you in your task, we mention the best Canmore activity you can enjoy while staying.

1. Canmore is a paradise for hikers

There are a plethora of choices for Canmore hike for every person, beginner to pro. You will see the most beautiful face of nature while hiking. Therefore, it is important to follow the rule of hikers, respecting nature. During Hikes, do not pollute the environment and feed the wild animals.

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Remember to take the Kananaskis Conversation Pass to enjoy the hike. You can choose any hiking destination from below.

  • The Grassi Lake

A sparkling turquoise Grassi lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Canmore. It has a 4.3 km long trail, perfect for beginner hikers and families. Here beside two lakes, you will see a beautiful waterfall. It has two tracks, one course is covered with gravel, and the other goes through the forest. You can choose any trail which you enjoy.

  • Ha Ling Peak

Ha Ling peak, previously called China man Peak, is a mountain nestled in Alberta. It is 8 miles south of Canmore. It is one of the popular hiking destinations for those who like a challenge in hiking. The 3.5-mile trail is known to be the most difficult trekking destination.

  • Policeman Creek Trail

If you are not a fan of hiking, you can also take a walk on the Policeman Creek trail, which is in the center of Canmore. It is a 1km trail that gives you a spectacular bird-watching experience. Anyone will fall in love with its beauty and peaceful environment.

  • Grotto Creek Canyon

The Grotto canyon is situated at 4 km, including roundtrip from Canmore. It offers a variety of scenery like forest, creek, waterfall, and canyon walls. It has three ways: the straight path leads to the cave, and the right path leads to the stunning waterfall. As a hiker, you will not find any other hiking destination as satisfying as Grotto Canyon.

2. Explore Canmore Caves

A perfect destination for the adventure seeker, the Rat’s Nest Cave is a historical site of great importance. It is the longest cave, nearly 4 km long, and situated under Grotto mountain, near Banff national park.

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The Rat Nest cave will give you a wild and unforgettable experience if you enjoy an adventure. Here you will get a full-day tour, and your tour guide will explain its unique geology and historical significance. Take advantage of such a joyful experience.

3. Biking in Canmore

Biking is a classic activity in Canmore Rockies. You can bike at any trail in Canmore, even those we mention for hiking in this article. Here are some other Biking trails that enthusiasts will surely like:

  • Biking on Legacy Trail

It is a 20 km trail that connects Canmore to Banff. It will present you with a picturesque view along your ride to Banff. If you do not have a bike and want to take part in biking, you can easily rent a bike along with a helmet at both destinations, Canmore and Banff.

You can cover 40 km in a roundtrip of the legacy trail, but you don’t need to take both ways. You can bike only on one side and take a bus on return. A downhill trail from Banff to Canmore makes the journey from Banff to Canmore easier, so you can choose the easy way out if you are only interested in seeing beautiful scenery.

  • Canmore Nordic Center

Initially, Nordic Center was constructed for holding the 1988 Olympics, and now it is a destination for skiing, mountain biking, and hiking. It is situated at the edge of Mountain Rundle in the Canadian Rockies and at the end of Canmore town.

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Canmore Nordic Center is also a cross-country skiing destination for every person with a different type of skill, from beginner to pro.

4. Driving through Kananaskis Wildlife

If you are not interested in either biking or hiking, then you can take the third way to enjoy the flourishing scenery of Canmore though Driving. You can go through the most picturesque route that takes you one day to travel. It takes more time than required due to the gravel path, so you need patience while driving.

In between, you can get a chance to see bears, deer, moose, and even cougars. You might even get to see some unique birds. On your journey, you can relax at Mount Engadine Lodge, where you can relax with a cup of tea.

5. Visit Canmore Museum and Geoscience Center

If you have already explored the mentioned sites in the article, why not visit the Canmore Museum and Geoscience Center?

It was built in 1984 to tell the tales of the mountain. Although it is small, it is packed with knowledge. This site must be on your list if you visit with the kid. You will learn here through interactive display and video.


Canmore is the best place to visit on your vacation. No matter what time of the year, there are always many things to do in Canmore. So plan your next vacation to Canmore with your family.

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