5 Ways To Unwind On The Weekend

David Galvan

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The weekend comes, and you’re ready to unwind. A little bit of me-time is exactly what you need, but what can you do? You’ve walked the local park a thousand times already. You don’t fancy going out for drinks down your local. And you would rather not go and see the family this weekend. So, what do you do? Well, we have a couple of things that may give you some inspiration.

Head to the Countryside

Surely there is nothing better than a relaxing ramble through the countryside? You don’t need to get dressed up with a hat, boots, and a walking stick, but some people do like to look the part. What you wear is beside the point. What matters is that you immerse yourself in the countryside amongst the greens of the trees and the blues of the sky (fingers crossed for some decent weather!). Ever heard of forest bathing? It’s not as mad as it sounds. It’s a Japanese pastime of being calm and quiet within a wooded area. Try it, and let yourself unwind. You can thank us later. 

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Binge Watch The Latest Netflix Series

Binging on the latest TV show or Netflix series is something many people do already. Why? It’s perfect for that long weekend of doing nothing. Get your favourite snacks and drinks, grab your duvet or whatever brings you comfort, and nestle in for hours of the latest TV drama and entertainment. It’s not exactly the same as walking the countryside, but it’s perfect if you’ve been run off your feet during the week.

Entertain Yourself with Games

Playing games, whether on your phone, video game console, or laptop, is fast becoming a top trend for people everywhere. Gaming gives you the chance to take your mind off the real world and lose yourself in whatever game you want to play. It could be something as simple as Wordle or more intense like Fortnite. You could even play games at an online casino like Amazon Slots UK with hundreds of options to choose from like blackjack, roulette or slots. 

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Visit a New City

If you feel like more of an adventure, and countryside walks are not quite your cup of tea, then look to your nearest city. Or look further afield if you don’t mind the travelling. Exploring a city can bring all sorts of joy, from walking through inner-city gardens to taking in a movie or something at the theatre. Cities are full of relaxing activities, just as much as the nightlife entertainment, they can also provide. Book yourself into a hotel or B&B and head out into the city, take your time, and see what is around the next corner.

Explore Your Garden

Okay, not everyone has a garden. But for those who do, just spending some time in the garden reading, pottering about with plants or growing vegetables, or just lying down and having some time to yourself are all worthwhile possibilities. We have covered some ideas that take you outside the home, but this one is perhaps the easiest and most calming of them all.

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