6 Advices for Students to Land the Ideal Law School

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6 Advices for Students to Land the Ideal Law School

Cracking a law school’s entrance examination can be a tough job for students. This is because the number of seats available in the established law schools is more or less the same each year. According to Yale Law School, they received 3,400 applications for around 200 spots in their first-year class. The intensity of competition existing in this field is beyond imagination.

While the level of hard work and persistence required for getting through the entrance procedure of any reputed law school must be phenomenal; equally important is a smart strategy to achieve this goal. Along with hard work and voracity towards this career, the students must also know in which direction all that labor is required. Here are some tips which would help the students land successful admissions in law schools.

1. Ask: “Is Law My Passion?”

Before you decide to appear for the entrance exam of a law school, ask yourself the reason you wish to become a lawyer. If the legal industry is not your passion, the high standard studies for the entrance as well as during the course would bore you to death, even leading to failure at times if you are not interested. The only way you can prepare to crack the admission tests is to study with passion, which would only come about if you truly desire to become a lawyer. So, ask yourself first if this is what you want to do, not just because it promises a fat salary or a high status in society.

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2. Find Out About the Actual Law Schools

The schools like Harvard or Yale are reputed worldwide for the exemplary results they produce every time, helping the students to get placed at established law firms. However, not all students get to study in these two reputed schools. And this certainly does not mean that there is a dearth of valuable law institutions in the United States. Also, if you have time issues for doing your research paper, you always can use an essay writing help service and professional authors will complete it for you in time. It would be wise on your part to be realistic and find out about other law schools, which have had a good record in the previous years and have got their students placed in good law firms. The schools which promote their value through extensive advertisements while having loopholes in their selection process as well as during the course should be kept at bay. So scan thoroughly about the law schools which are worthy of your hard work and intelligence.

3. Find Out What Suits You The Best

Pick a law school for yourself based on the percentile and grades which you have earned on the LSA. Your academic excellence and study grades too would determine which type of law school would be the most suitable for you, because if the grades are high then you could aim at the top five schools, where you stand a fairly higher chance to get selected. If your grades are not that good, it would be smarter to choose other law schools which may not rank as high as a Harvard, still hold a reverent position in the legal industry.

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Also, if you have not been a top-class student throughout your academics, the study course and procedures during your term could be a nightmare for you and might take a toll on you. Therefore, choose a law school that suits you the best and leaves enough scope for you to give your best.

4. Be Aware of the Application Process

  • Find out about the different law schools through the internet, friends, and family.
  • Find out the application process and the deadlines for the same.
  • Be thoroughly ready for the LSAT (Law School Admission Test)
  • A physical visit to the law schools you are interested in always helps. If possible get feedback from the students who are studying there.
  • Remember to register for the LSAT on time. Make your LSAC (Law School Admission Council) account which is usually made online.
  • The official transcript has to be sent to the LSAC, so do that within the given time frame.
  • If you could get an extra recommendation from your graduation college or university, great. Gather all such stuff and send it to the LSAC or directly to the law school.
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Take the LSAT

The scores and your academic report (multiple calculations of your GPA, compared to that of other applicants from your school) have to be sent to the respective law schools.

5. LSAT: Be Safe, Score a Hundred!

There is an unlimited number of people appearing for the LSAT, and everyone has come intending to get through the cut-off. Hence, give your best, practice consistently and if you fail once, try again. Keep trying until you succeed. And to stand out among all, score a hundred; no that was not hyperbole. What this means is that shoot for the moon, if you missed the shot, you would at least land up among the stars. So increase your standards, if not Harvard or Yale, you would at least go to the second-best law school instead of those average ones.

6. A Write Up That Speaks About You

Law schools always test the communication skills of students, since being an efficient lawyer is all about your communication skills and wit.  Hence, apart from showcasing your talents in the personal interviews, write an essay that stands out, and which mainly talks about your skills, talents, and why they should consider taking you over the rest of the lot. This would help you in creating a mark.

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