6 Best College Party Movies to watch in 2021

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6 Best College Party Movies to watch in 2021

Here could be a list devoted to all the “Bachelor parties” and “American Pies,” but who wants easy ways – we’ve collected less popular party movies, where the partying is just as loud and the vacations are all like the latest.


The midget in the oven, the Mercedes in the pool, the secret in the garden gnome – not every party is full of it. And the film is also based on real events: in 2008, a teenager threw a party and told about it on a free classifieds site. A crowd of a few hundred drunk and merry kids was dispersed by the police – it took dogs and a helicopter. Of course, they exaggerated everything in the movie, and in the end, the drive of this party is such that it blows through the screen.

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Miller and Casey are good friends, and good friends can’t let their bro stay home on his coming of age and study for a boring medical school exam. And that’s exactly how Jeff Chung was going to celebrate his twenty-first birthday. Who better than a couple of hometown boys to deprive you of a promising future for the sake of one night tripping through bars and clubs? In the middle of their adventure, Miller and Casey drive Jeff to the state of a gutted broiler and realize it’s time to bring the doctor-to-be home.

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What awaits students after graduation? Van Wilder is in his seventh year and has no intention of graduating, although using an essay writing service would have helped him long ago. The college has become Van’s home, where he not only feels good about himself but also helps others. Wilder is a living legend of college parties, but at the same time, Van is not a soulless alpha male, collecting appliqué from the broken hearts of freshman girls. Van helps shy and insecure guys adjust to a world of loud music and foamy action in a way that doesn’t hurt their studies or their memory card of a fun youth. Van needs his college, and college needs Van to stay out of the adult world. Except that Gwen, Wider’s dream girl, lives in a real and big world, and to be with her, Van will have to leave his noisy shell.


Mark and Kelly Redner have just become parents and moved to a new neighborhood. But waking up at night to the baby’s screams is just a short-distance run, and the great marathon is the Renders’ adjustment to their neighbors. The poor parents have moved into the house opposite which is the home of a college fraternity: these guys water the lawn with beer, and the loudness below eighty decibels is not tolerated here at all. It’s the most unsuitable environment for informed parenthood.

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Students don’t like boring married guys: it’s much nicer to hang out when there’s no reminder in front of your eyes that youth will end someday.


The men in their thirties are doing an online college simulator: founding a college fraternity, pissing off the dean, pissing off the neighbors, and nonstop drinking with guys almost half their age.


“Studio 54 is a legendary New York club that made its reputation the same way the Clubhouse did: it was hard to get in. Ordinary people tried to get in through the vents, offered bribes to security, and some were willing to undress in the middle of the street just to get into the club. Sometimes even celebrities were not allowed in, although Sylvester Stallone, Michael Jackson, Liza Minnelli, and Mick Jagger were among the regulars.

In the film, the audience gets the coveted right to enter, and even more so with a guide – a young bartender who came to New York from a small town and immediately plunged into the world of Disco.

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