7 Best Things to Do in Hamilton (Bucket List)

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7 Best Things to do in Hamilton (Bucket List)

Hamilton is a fascinating city in the Niagara Peninsula region of Ontario, Canada. It is settled on the western side of Lake Ontario. It comes in the middle of two famous tourist attractions, Toronto and Niagara Waterfall, one of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves.

Hamilton is the oldest city in its area, encompassing an urban, natural, and historical feel. It is the perfect place for a day trip from Niagara Falls or Toronto

This lively city is named after a Canadian Merchant, George Hamilton. In the previous days, It was known as a steel city, but now it is famous as the city of the waterfalls. It is a good mix of fantastic restaurants, museums, natural waterfalls, historic buildings, and safari parks. 

There are several things to do in Hamilton. You can spend time admiring countless waterfalls or exploring Bruce trail, the longest trail in Canada. Nature is not the only thing to look forward to in Hamilton. 

It is a city of vibrant culture which shows in this amazing food and finest art exhibition.

Best Things to do in Hamilton (Bucket List)

Here is a record of things you can do in Hamilton:

1. Explore Bruce Trail

Hamilton is a city that balances modernization and nature, and we can see its natural aspect clearer on Bruce Trail. It is Canada’s oldest and longest trail, stretching over 1300 km. Its main trail is 890 km, and side trails are 400 km in distance. 

Bruce trail has its uniqueness from other Trail parks in Canada. You will find its paths dotted with a variety of scenic waterfalls. If you are a fan of hiking and nature, you will never get bored here. You can spend days exploring its beauty fully. 

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Those who do not have enough time can hike its portion of the Chedoke Radial Trail. It is a 2.7 km trail that crosses a golf course and several waterfalls and joins at Chedoke Stairs. 

Some other popular trail destinations are Smokey Hollow Fall and Grindstone Creek, which every waterfall lover will appreciate.

2. Travel Back in Time with Dundurn Castle

Dundurn castle is the National Historic Site of Canada that shares a glimpse of the life of Allan Napier Macnab and his family, who later became prime minister of Canada in 1854. 

The authentic regency-style mansion was built in 1835 and spread over 1700 square feet of meters. In this manner, hostess Camelia has attended higher-ups such as king Edward the seventh and John A MacDonald. 

If you are interested in this neoclassical building and the extravagant life of 19th-century elites, visit Dundurn castle.

3. Walk in Royal Botanical Garden

Another National Historic site of Canada, the Royal Botanical Garden, is the oldest garden in Canada. This massive garden is adorned with vibrant and beautiful flowers and is home to over 300 species of birds. Its longest trail is 27 km, filled with various attractions, particularly plants. 

Royal Botanical is divided into four main gardens. The largest of four is Hendrie Park which has a diverse variety of plants. The Laking Garden is famous for its variety of iris and peony flowers. Similarly, the Rock garden is known for various waterfalls, and the Arboretum is a flower gallery. 

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Whether you are a plant lover or simply want to walk around a beautiful area, a Botanical Garden is for everyone.

4. Visit Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

You must have seen warplanes in action movies, but you will see them in reality at this museum. Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum has the largest Canadian military collection in its history. 

It is home to the Avro Lancaster bomber, one of the world’s only two planes. It was used in World War two and is now on display in honor of Victoria Cross recipient Andrew Mynarski.

Besides Lancaster, you will find other famous war aircraft like Supermarine Spitfire and Hawker Hurricane. Aside from these, over 40 warplanes are displayed after being restored in working condition and painted.

If your timing matches the museum’s Annual Airshow, you are lucky because you may get the opportunity to fly in one of these aircraft.

5. Check out one of many waterfalls

In Hamilton, you will find more than 100 small and large waterfalls due to its proximity to Niagara. Therefore it is not far from the truth to call it the city of waterfalls. 

These waterfalls are spreading across the cities, and some are right in the city. Hence they are convenient to explore. You can even enjoy doing things simultaneously, like walking on Bruce Trail and enjoying the waterfall. 

Some popular waterfalls are Tewsfall, Webster Falls, Albion, Buttermilk Falls, and Devil Punchbowl Falls. If you are interested in seeing the largest waterfall in them, head straight to Webster waterfall, which is 30 meters wide. 

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You can also admire Tews fall, which is the highest at 41 meters in length. It’s upon you whichever fall you want to visit.

6. Spend a Delightful time in Art Gallery

Being an art fan, then you should not miss the opportunity to visit the Art gallery of Hamilton while being here. As one of the oldest art museums in Canada, it boasts of having more than 10000 art pieces in its collection. 

It was established in 1914 and encompassed a field of 7000 square feet of the meter. You can admire modern to contemporary art here. The visitation is free for everyone, but you need to pay for the traveling exhibit, which is also free on Fridays. 

Aside from masterful art pieces and friendly staff, it has its own café where you can relax.

7. Food and Drinks In Hamilton

If you are looking for delicious food and fine drinks in Hamilton city, there is no place better than Hess Harbor. It is spread across from Hess street to Main street and west to King street. 

Here you will find famous restaurants with their specialty and lively atmosphere in pubs, bars, and nightclubs. You can even relax at a quaint café. This whole place gives a historical vibe, and it is best to explore only on foot.


Hamilton is a huge city with a lot to offer besides things mentioned in a list, like an African safari, haunted house, cathedral, waterfalls, and trails. It is less expensive to explore than in larger cities like Ottawa and Toronto.

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