7 Sci-Fi Movies That are the Totally Worth Watching

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7 Sci-Fi Movies That are the Totally Worth Watching

Relying on the term “science fiction,” directors and writers create films that break the rules and have nothing in common with scientific theories and popular concerns. They are fine in case you want to have some fun and not worry about how people on the Earth will survive. However, if you are eager to watch some serious, scientifically accurate film, then you should be more careful with your choice. In this case, filmmakers use the assistance of authorities in the scientific field. It means you can even learn something new about nature and the world from such a film.

What Sci-Fi Movie to Watch Tonight?

When choosing a sci-fi movie, in addition to the standard criteria for selecting a movie to watch such as the relationship to the actors, writers, and directors, it is also worth thinking about the kind of science you are interested in. Although sometimes it’s worth choosing a science you’re just trying to understand, because, as mentioned, a sci-fi film can in some cases replace the turning to write my paper services. After all, if the film is scientifically accurate, it can even help close some gaps in your knowledge.

Her (2013)

Her is a fantastic melodrama about the benefits of high technology. Theodore, a lonely writer, buys a new technical development – an operating system designed to fulfill every user’s desire. To Theodore’s surprise, a romance soon arises between him and the system. The film “Her” was filmed exclusively in Los Angeles and Shanghai. It got an Oscar and attracted the attention of people all over the world.

Interstellar (2014)

Cooper is a single father with two children who is one of the best pilots and engineers out there. He devoted all his time to his family, but one day he had to leave his relatives. The whole world is in danger. It is almost impossible to stop. That’s why scientists made the only correct decision. They decided to send a group of researchers into the recently discovered space-time tunnel. It is these people who will have to bypass the restrictions on flights in space, thanks to which humanity will be able to make interstellar flights and leave its former world, which is almost destroyed.

Physics research writers of the paper writing service claim that Interstellar is one of the scientifically accurate films when it comes to feature films. Among other things, the filmmakers chose realism over entertainment and did the “unthinkable” for many films – in Interstellar, there is no sound in space. The film impressed the audience and got an Oscar for the best visual effects.

The Martian (2015)

An expedition is sent to Mars, in which tens of millions have been invested, and it has been preparing for more than one year. But despite the money and human resources invested, a disaster is happening that no one could have foreseen. During the mission, a terrible storm begins, and the team is forced to evacuate from the planet. During the evacuation, engineer Mark was seriously injured, so the team considered him dead and left Mars, flying back to Earth. But in fact, he survived. You get a chance to watch the gripping plot and discover whether Mark will be able to survive.

Minority Report (2002)

In 2054, the US legal system is undergoing significant changes: the crime rate is reduced to zero – criminals are caught before they have time to commit a crime. This becomes possible thanks to the technology “Precrime”. This system works flawlessly, but at the very moment when elections are about to take place that will make Precrime the ubiquitous legal system in the United States, the best crime prevention police officer John Anderton receives a conclusion from the information center, according to which he will kill a man in 3 hours whom he has never seen in his life.

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

In Blade Runner 2049, the world is inhabited by humans and replicants, created to do the hardest work. Police Officer Kei’s job is to keep the replicants under control in an environment of growing tension. Until he accidentally becomes the owner of classified information that endangers the existence of all mankind. Kay decides to track down Rick Deckard to pick up some clues. He is a former officer of the special forces of the Los Angeles police. He disappeared a long time ago.

Moon (2009)

Astronaut Sam Bell has spent three years on the lunar station, and now he is preparing to return to Earth to his wife and little daughter. All these years, he communicated only with the robot Gertie and with himself. There is very little to wait. But then strange things begin to happen. It seems that things that are happening right now are happening on some Solaris but not on such a well-known Moon.

Contact (1997)

Are you looking for movies about scientists? Contact is a great option to consider. Ellie Arroway always dreamed of space flights, and she believed from childhood that we are not alone in the universe and tried to catch the signals using a homemade receiver. When Ellie grew up and became an astronomer, she recorded signals of artificial origin coming from Vega. After deciphering the signals, Ellie began to build a ship in order to go to Vega. When the construction came to an end, without listening to the many skeptics, Ellie went into the unknown to make the long-awaited Contact.

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