90 Day Fiancé: Michael Jessen Sued by Ex-Wife Sarah’s Husband

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90 Day Fiancé: Michael Jessen Sued by Ex-Wife Sarah's Husband

90 Day Fiancé star Michael Jessen has once again surprised all fans of the TLC television show. After confirming that he is being sued by the husband of his ex-wife Sarah, named Sean Naso. In fact, Michael also assures that the same person had a relationship with his former partner on the show, Juliana Custodio, which has been giving viewers something to talk about.

Recall that Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé during its seventh season, which premiered in early 2021. However, in that same year, viewers watched as Juliana revealed with tears in her eyes the separation of both, confirming the separation and divorce in October 2021. However, months later she announced that she was pregnant with her new boyfriend named Ben Obscura, or so everyone believed.

During the seventh season of 90 Day Fiancé, viewers saw how Michael was getting closer to his ex-wife Sarah despite their divorce. The show revealed that she had married Sean Naso. However, Sarah and Sean made room in their house for Michael and Juliana to stay in the same house as them due to some money problems they were facing.

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However, in January of this year, an unknown source from the show accused Juliana of cheating on Michael by making out with Sean in the kitchen. The article mentioned Sara thinking that Juliana’s baby belonged to Sean due to their alleged affair before they split up.

Interestingly, now Michael will have to face the husband of his ex-wife and the man that his ex-partner cheated on him, Sean. Michael posted on his official Instagram account the photos of the lawsuit he has received from Sean, for the bite of his affenpinscher dog.

“Sarah’s husband @the_real_naso is now suing me due to being bitten by our dog Howard during the time he lived with us.”

“Him and Sarah lived rent free and with almost no expenses in my house for 18 months and of course there was also that thing with my wife Juliana,” Michael wrote in his post.

But, what has caught the attention of all 90 Day Diancé fans, is why Sean has decided to sue Michael now and not when he was allegedly attacked by the dog in the middle of 2021. Also, Sean’s IG page it appears to have been deleted, suggesting it could be a plot by him and Sarah to try to extort money from Michael, or some TLC story.

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It only remains to be seen how Michael will deal with this lawsuit and if his dog could be affected. While her ex-partner Juliana finds herself pregnant by her supposed new boyfriend Ben while she travels through Europe with him.

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