A Boy Called Christmas Release Date Out! Here Is Everything We Know

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Netflix is gearing up to drop its latest festive fantasy movie titled “A Boy Called Christmas.” The fans are craving to witness a new blend of magic and adventure in the upcoming movie. If you are one of them, make sure to read the complete article to get some updates on “A Boy Called Christmas.”

Netflix is preparing for a pre-Christmas blast with its latest venture representing some fan-favorite stars. Its new movie, “A Boy Called Christmas” is highly inspired by the children’s book of 2015 under the same name, curated by Matt Haig. The movie will sketch the origin story of Father Christmas, a character from British folklore that resembles Santa Claus. Some sneak peeks of the upcoming film, under the direction of Ol Parker and Kenan, deliver some exciting magical adventure and a family-friendly plot. So, Netflix’s upcoming movie, A Boy Called Christmas, will surely be a fun-packed roller coaster ride to present the audience with the ultimate dose of entertainment. So, when is A Boy Called Christmas coming? Here is everything we know about the new movie.

A Boy Called Christmas Sneak Peek – What Will Happen In The New Movie?

A Boy Called Christmas is a movie filled with joy, thrill, and adventure. The King’s orders drive Nikolas’ father on a thrilling journey for the hunt of a legendary palace where elves dwell, titled the Elfhelm. It’s an old rumor that only the people who hold true belief in the Elven village can only see it. Though Nikolas’ father was supposed to return from the journey within a few days, when he fails, Nikolas decides to step into the adventures to the frigid, snowbound to the north side. He kick-started his journey to find his father and work as per the king’s edict. The king believed in Nikolas’ father’s credibility to bring magic a ray of magic to the kingdom to rewrite a spark of hope. Nikolas is accompanied by Miika, his pet mouse, and Blitzen, a headstrong reindeer. So, they start their difficult journey to Elfhelm. Though the journey initially appeared comfortable, slowly tons of obstacles started rushing their way and the little crew of Nikolas had to penetrate a bunch of monstrous complications.

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Nikolas’ terrifying journey to Elfhelm is simply a stimulation to something even bigger. As the story proceeds, the audience encounters the fact that normal humans are not allowed inside the mysterious village and they are often pulled into jails with tons of misfits, comprising a pixie that can only deliver truth. With the heavy assistance of his little crew, Nikolas manages to encounter Mother Something and drives back magic to the whole world. Summing up, the story, A Boy Called Christmas is an ordinary plot of an extraordinary boy who creates out-of-the-box allies and ignites the light of hope, and changes the world forever.

A Boy Called Christmas Cast – Who Is In The Movie?

A Boy Called Christmas features a bunch of extraordinary performers. Henry Lawfull boards in as the lead of the story, named Nikolas. Other supporting characters include Jim Broadbent as Kingly Father Vodol, Toby Jones as Father Topo, and Sally Hawkins as Mother Something. While Dame Maggie Smith lends his voice to Miika the mouse and plays Aunt Ruth.

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A Boy Called Christmas also features Michiel Huisman as Nikolas’ father, Joel. While Kristen Wiig plays Aunt Carlotta. Zoe Colletti joins as the Truth Pixie. Apart from them, Rune Temte, Joel Fry, Rishi Kuppa, and Indica Watson have also appeared in the movie.

A Boy Called Christmas Release Date – When Is The Movie Dropping?

Netflix has made an official announcement about the release date of A Boy Called Christmas. As per cbr.com,  the new movie will drop on November 24, 2021. The movie will mark an official debut in theatres across New Zealand, the UK, France, China, Australia, and Germany on the same day. While the movie will also be telecasted on the Sky Cinema Channel. However, Netflix will deliver A Boy Called Christmas to the global audience after noting the response in these regions.

A Boy Called Christmas Trailer – Is The Trailer Out?

The official teaser of A Boy Called Christmas as well as a long trailer is already out. The trailer reveals some sneak peeks of the movie. It features a charming device, in which Smith’s character, Maggie, is narrating the story of Nikolas and his amazing adventures and how he changed the modern world.

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The movie is all set to bring an A-class cast to win the hearts of the viewers. So, make sure to make this Christmas even more special with A Boy Called Christmas. You can check the adventurous trailer of A Boy Called Christmas below.

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