A Costco customer reveals items that now cost more than before.

Raymond McKinnon

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Rising food prices are affecting all food retailers, including Costco, where buying products in larger formats usually allows for savings. An American Costco customer recently posted a video highlighting the price increases he noticed in an American warehouse store. The video was shared on TikTok by @sidemoneytom and showcases items that he has chosen not to purchase anymore due to their significantly higher costs.

The first item on his list is “Idaho Spuds” hash browns. The content creator mentioned that while he used to “love” buying this product when it was priced at $5.49, he no longer does so now that it is $8.99.

The second product he presents is the “Organic Madras Lentils” casserole. Previously priced at $6.99, it is now displayed for $15.99.

The third product on his list is motor oil. He used to pay $30 for it, but now he has to fork out $43.49 for the same product and quantity.

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He then shows the tortilla chips. While he used to enjoy them at $2.79, he now has to pay $5.69 for the product.

Finally, the Costco customer concludes his video by mentioning that the famous rotisserie chicken remains a “safe bet” despite all the price increases.

His video has been viewed nearly 80,000 times on TikTok, and many commenting users claim to have also witnessed substantial price hikes.

“I didn’t know that oil had increased so much. It used to be $8-$9. I don’t know why I just renewed my membership,” wrote one user.

“This doesn’t make sense. We’re not paying for the savings anymore,” commented another person.

“I’ve only shopped at Costco twice this year so far. Last year, I used to go every month,” stated another user.

It is clear that rising food prices are impacting even big-box retailers like Costco, leading customers to reconsider their purchases and evaluate the actual cost-effectiveness of shopping at these stores.

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