A great one is leaving: Gary Oldman already thinks about his retirement from acting after series for Apple TV +


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In recent months, permanent and temporary retirements have been announced for many movie stars, including Bruce Willis, Jim Carrey, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland. And now, one of the great actors in Hollywood history, such as Gary Oldman, is already thinking about his retirement after his next series for Apple TV +.

Other actors like Jack Nicholson or Daniel Day Lewis have decided to retire in time to enjoy their retirement, while Nicolas Cage has promised his fans to continue acting until his health allows it. ‘Slow Horses’ is Gary Oldman’s next production for Apple TV +, and perhaps the last where we see him on screen.

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Gary Oldman’s career has been full of great films that it is difficult to single out just one, but many will remember him in ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’, as Commissioner Gordon in ‘The Dark Knight’, or in ‘Leon: The professional’, and others where he has shown his impressive ability to transform into different characters for each of his films.

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In an interview for Deadline about the premiere of ‘Slow Horses’, Gary Oldman considers that if he is given the opportunity to bring Jackson’s character to life in the Apple TV + miniseries, he could continue with his career, otherwise he believes that retirement of acting is closer than ever.

Gary Oldman on his retirement from acting

‘Mank’ Star Mentions: “I Could See Me Playing Jackson [Lamb] for the next few years, yes. Absolutely. I mean, for those who love the books and were devoted to Mick Herron, he’s already an iconic character. So if he were to come out strong, I mean, retirement is on the horizon. Yes. I can see it.”

He adds, “You know, to be able to end it all playing Jackson Lamb, I would consider myself very honored and very lucky to be able to do that. I would never say never.” Although he does not confirm that his retirement from acting will take place once the miniseries is released, he does imply that his retirement is already on the horizon.

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In the future we will see Gary Oldman in Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer’ opposite Cillian Murhpy and Emilu Blunt, and if the premiere of ‘Slow Horses’ is successful on Apple TV+, it is likely that they will renew the miniseries for new seasons, and just as Oldman said so, let’s see him for a few more years on screen.

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