A look into the top 3 land-based casinos in Canada

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A look into the top 3 land-based casinos in Canada

Canada is widely perceived as a land of several opportunities. It is also amongst the top countries which have a flourishing tourism industry owing to its outstanding locations and landmarks. The country offers plenty of luxury and entertainment opportunities too, to both tourists as well as native Canadians.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that this North American country has found a place amongst the most visited countries of the world. Canada serves as an excellent destination for gamblers as well. Anyone who regularly follows Casino News Canada would know that gambling was legalised back in 1972, in the country, thus opening the doors for major land-based casino establishments. Today the revenue generated from Canadian casinos exceeds $ 500 million per annum.

Things have changed tremendously since 1972, and today Canada is home to a large number of outstanding brick and mortar casinos, operational throughout the country. All these casinos were established on the basic premise of delivering top-notch gambling experience to the visitors. Below we acquaint you with the top 3 land-based Canadian casinos which are worth checking out.

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Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino

As is evident from its name, Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino encompasses both a hotel as well as a casino establishment. The casino is one of the best Canada has to offer. In fact, it was consistently recognised as ‘The Casino of the Year’, for 18 straight years, by the Casino Player Magazine. It is situated on the US-Canadian border, and hence welcomes many visitors from both Canada and the United States each day. Visitors to this casino can also avail any of the 700 luxury rooms offered by the Caesars Windsor Hotel, and enjoy a top notch casino games on the multiple casino floors.

Fallsview Casino resort

A look into the top 3 land-based casinos in Canada

You won’t find many casinos in the world that offer the same scenic view of the Niagara Falls, as the Fallsview Casino resort. Constructed with the help of a billion-dollar investment made by the Ontario government, Fallsview Casino is also counted amongst the largest casinos in the country. It covers a total area of 200,000 ft². On offer are 100 casino gaming tables, for all types of popular casino games including poker, roulette and blackjack. Apart from that, there are 3000 slot machines. The resort part of the establishment houses 374 luxurious rooms, complemented by facilities such as a spa, theatre and a fitness centre.

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Casino Niagara

Considered one of the best casino establishments in Ontario today, Casino Niagara also holds the distinction of being one of the most popular and biggest brick and mortar casino throughout Canada. The casino spans over 95,000 ft² and houses 30 gaming tables and 1300 slot machines. There are around 350 progressive jackpot slots, offering some of the biggest life-changing jackpots to the interested gamblers. The casino houses a huge poker room too, consisting of 26 poker tables. This poker room is well known for holding reputed Texas Hold‘em Poker tournaments throughout the year.

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