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Star Trek 4

Matt Shakman, who directed one of the Marvel Studios series, was chosen to be the director of the new Star Trek movie.

When it comes to science fiction there is almost always a never-ending debate. Two star travel franchises have made a difference in film to this day. Is about Star Wars Y Star Trek, which have had multiple adaptations on the big screen. Recently, a renowned producer has taken part in both.

Yes, J.J. Abrams has taken charge of the realization of deliveries of the two sagas. Now, as for the last one, it has been several years since there was a feature film. However, Paramount recently reported that he works in one.

Despite not yet having an official degree, the specialized medium Deadline informed of some contracts that are already in progress for the development of said production. The direction of the same would be under the command of the director of Wandavision, Matt Shakman.

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According to the portal, the filmmaker reached a deal to take the main tasks in said film, being accompanied by other great professionals. Lindsey Beer Y Geneva Robertson They will be in charge of the script for it.

This confirmation appears at a great moment in Shakman’s career, as the series of Marvel who directed garnered 23 award nominations Emmy. It should be noted that these are considered the most important on television.

This writer has also worked on television titles such as Game of Thrones, Fargo Y It’s Always Sunny in Filadelfia.

On the part of Star Trek, this news comes like a glove for fans, who have been waiting for more content for a long time. According to some reports, no more movies could be made because Chris Pine Y Chris Hemsworth they had wage disputes. Others note that directors were contacted, but jumped ship.

More information on release dates and cast signings is still awaited.

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