Actor Lukas Gage Discusses His Mom’s Response to the Sexual Content in ‘You’ and ‘The White Lotus’

Actor Lukas Gage is known for his bold and daring roles, which often include sexual scenes that many may find uncomfortable or awkward. However, the actor has revealed that his mother is surprisingly supportive of his choices, even when it comes to those risqué moments on screen.

Gage played Dillon in the hit series “The White Lotus”, a character who engages in intimate moments with Murray Bartlett’s character Armond. He also plays Adam in the new season of “You”, where his character enjoys golden showers from other men while keeping it a secret from his girlfriend.

When asked how his mother reacted to his on-screen escapades in a recent interview with Variety, Gage shared that she was incredibly supportive. “She says, ‘That’s a great ass. Get that money. Get that bag and be committed,’” Gage laughed. He shared that both he and his mother have a European attitude towards nudity and sexual content.

Although some may find Gage’s roles controversial, he believes that everyone should embrace their kinks and not feel ashamed about what they enjoy. He added that he never wanted to portray anyone as the butt of a joke, but that everyone should feel seen and heard.

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While some fans may not be as accepting of Gage’s roles, he revealed that he has received positive feedback from the “golden shower community.” He added that everyone should feel free to embrace their desires without feeling scrutinized or judged.

In the end, it seems that Gage’s mother has been one of his biggest supporters in his acting career, even when it comes to the daring scenes. With her encouragement and his own confidence, Gage has been able to fully embrace his craft and take on roles that others may shy away from.

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