Actress Shin Ye-Eun blames “The Glory” for loss of followers on social media

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The life of a celebrity is not always glamorous and easy, as South Korean actress Shin Ye-eun recently found out. Known for her role in Netflix’s “The Glory,” the 25-year-old actress played the younger version of antagonist Park Yeon-jin, who was a bully during her high school days. However, it seems that her portrayal of the character was too convincing for some fans, as Shin revealed that she lost Instagram followers due to her role in the hit series.

During her appearance on SBS talk show “My Little Old Boy,” Shin revealed that her agency had anticipated her gaining a lot of followers due to her role in the series. However, she soon found out that her portrayal of an antagonist was not well-received by all viewers. She said, “Many people said that they don’t want to see me smile and that they don’t want to see my face,” adding that some people had even unfollowed her on Instagram.

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Despite the negative reactions from some fans, the hosts and panelists on the show praised Shin’s acting skills and reminded her that losing followers could actually be interpreted as a measure of success. “That means you act well,” one of them interjected.

Shin’s experience is not entirely uncommon in the entertainment industry, where actors and actresses often receive backlash for playing challenging or controversial roles. Lim Ji-yeon, who played the adult version of Park Yeon-jin in “The Glory,” also shared that she had “always wanted to play an antagonist,” but did not expect to land such a role until her forties. She even said that she wanted the whole world to hate her character.

Playing an antagonist is not an easy task, but it can also be a rewarding experience for actors and actresses who aspire to challenge themselves and take on more complex roles. Shin and Lim’s performances in “The Glory” demonstrate how even the most hated characters can elicit strong emotions from viewers and create a lasting impact on their careers.

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