Addison Rae Kissed Tanner Buchanan! Fans Go Crazy!

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Addison Rae is making out with actor Tanner Buchanan in public and ex-boyfriend Bryce Hall is not at all happy about it – is he jealous?

Addison Rae kisses actor Tanner Buchanan in public.

WILL WILL, the heart of a lot of fans stopped short at this sight: Addison Rae made a pretty hot appearance at the MTV Movie & TV Awards and the internet went crazy again. Netflix cast the TikTok star for the cult remake of “She’s All That,” so she attended yesterday’s awards ceremony in Los Angeles. But something happened that nobody expected that evening: Addison Rae smooched on stage with Tanner Buchanan! The MTV Movie & TV Awards show will be repeated on May 17th and 18th from 8:15 pm on MTV on free TV a live stream.

The actor will play in the Netflix remake “He’s All That” at the side of the TikTok star, where one or the other kiss is sure to fall, which is why the co-stars also presented the “Best Kiss” category at MTV Movie & TV Awards. To make the whole thing a little more authentic, Addison and Tanner made out on stage without further ado and one person did NOT like it at all – ex-boyfriend Bryce Hall! But first, check out Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan’s hot kiss here:

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Bryce Hall is jealous of Addison Rae’s kiss.

Bryce Hall, like many fans, certainly dropped his jaw when he saw the kiss between ex Addison Rae and hottie Tanner Buchanan – and he saw it because it was linked by fans in videos and photos! Ex-boyfriend Bryce seems to be quite jealous because he immediately posted the following words on Twitter, “Sucks, but I’ll keep going,” and a little later another tweet followed with the words, “I’m going to focus on myself now and silence everyone on June 12th.”

Ouch! The Bryce Hall boxing match will take place on this date, so we are very excited to see what awaits us. Bryce has also announced a press conference in two days in LA, at the latest there he will almost certainly be approached on the subject. By the way, fans are also divided, who think that Addison and Tanner would make a cute couple, others don’t celebrate this action so much. The fact is: Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan are single and can make out with whomever they want, the chemistry between the two seems to be right, the kiss was very convincing!

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