Addison Rae Surprised Fans With A Ultimate Gift!

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Addison Rae Surprised Fans With A Ultimate Gift!
  • Addison Rae surprised her fans a few days ago with an announcement that probably nobody expected from the “TikTok” star!

Addison Rae: TikTok star surprises fans with the spontaneous announcement

There is no other way to put it: It just works with Addison Rae. Just yesterday it was announced that Netflix had cast the popular TikTok star for a cult remake and there is already the next blatant announcement: Addison Rae has released her first solo single – she’s now also making music! The “TikTok” star dropped her first song “Obsessed” spontaneously last night, without warning and we have to say: WE WERE NOT PREPARED FOR IT! And that despite the fact that a few weeks ago there were rumors that Addison Rae would be making music anytime soon. Actually, everyone thought that there was nothing to it, but lo and behold: the Queen of apparently everything has once again proven the opposite.

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We are “Obsessed”: Addison Rae has released her first single

Incidentally, there really seems to be more to the rumors than expected. The new song “Obsessed” is actually produced by Benny Blanco. If that’s true, then it could also be that a feature with Nicki Minaj will follow soon ?! Since Addison Rae has been concentrating heavily on acting lately, somehow no one expected that she would suddenly come around the corner with her own music. Let’s be honest: When did she do that besides all the roles, collaborations, TikToks, stress with Bryce Hall, and another daily struggle? We are happy if we make it to the front door for a walk during the day! Beauty is a talented workaholic. Addison Rae writes about her new song “Obsessed” on Instagram: “I’m so emotional right now. This song makes me feel so many things. I love music. That’s all.” The track and the music video are really amazing, be sure to check it out:

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