Adele Stopping Singing For This Alternative Passion?

Farwa Raza

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Found a new passion? Adele might be seriously thinking about stopping singing
Adele is believed to have found a new passion and has been focused on it.

Throughout the past year, fans have speculated about the idea of seeing Adele return on a new album since the premiere of her album “25” which was released in 2015. But the diva has been away from the stage and seems to have no plans to come back, now that we have more details on what he’s invested his time in the last few months: taking acting classes.

Among the plans of the 15-time Grammy-winning diva would be to enter fully into the world of acting. Sources close to Adele told local media that she has been taking classes and weighing the possibilities of the big studios and production companies to see if they would be interested in her as an actress.

If true, this new information does not come as a surprise since, on her return to the stage, Adele did so on Saturday Night Live, where she revealed a little-known side close to comedy. In fact, it is believed that the singer of “Rolling in the Deep” or “Hello” could earn up to 25 million dollars for a leading role.

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“Adele is being courted by Hollywood movie bosses as a genuine actress. There is no one in Europe or the United States with a more attractive reputation at the moment, and although they have been receiving these offers for years, it is difficult to imagine their star getting more attractive, so the feeling is that it would be wise to move now ”, a source told reporters.

According to this informant, another great boost for Adele would be her physical transformation that has given so much to talk about. “While she lost weight to herself and her own happiness, she knows that this more glamorous image is more appealing to Hollywood producers. She is very happy with her appearance, and her appearance on Saturday Night Live was the first proper public debut of her transformation. “


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