After Jon Watts’ retirement, John Krasinski could direct the film of ‘Fantastic Four’


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One of the most mysterious and exciting projects in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the new adaptation of ‘The Fantastic Four’, after Disney acquired the rights to the characters from FOX. Until now, Jon Watts remained as the director of the film, but he decided to withdraw due to differences, and now John Krasinski would take his place.

John Krasinski is known for having participated in the comedy series ‘The Office’, in its American version, while as a director he was behind the horror films ‘A Quiet Place’. Fans have long called for him, along with actress Emily Blunt, who is also his wife, to be the main members of the Fantastic Four.

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Now, leaks from John Campea, the same insider who leaked the photographs that confirmed the Spider-Verse of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, assures that Jon Watts’ withdrawal from the ‘Fantastic 4’ movie is actually due to Marvel finally closed a deal for John Krasinski to direct the next adaptation of the superhero group.

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Initially, the actor would have denied the offer from Marvel, as would Emily Blunt, who confirmed it a few months ago, but after further negotiations with John Krasinski, he would have finally agreed to commit to joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as director and the actor who would give life to Reed Richards.

John Krasinski would join the Marvel Universe

His experience with the two installments of ‘A Quiet Place’ have shown that John Krasinski is a great director, films that were well received by critics and the general public. In addition, fans have wanted to see the actor bring Mr Fantastic to life on the big screen for a long time, and now they agree that he be the one to take on the project.

Marvel and the actor had already had approaches, even Krasinski auditioned for the role of Captain America in the character’s first film, but finally Chris Evans stayed with the role, and Krasinski admitted that they made the right decision to personify the Steve Rogers of the MCU. .

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As for her partner, and star of ‘A Quiet Place’, Emily Blunt, she has already said on more than one occasion that she is not interested in joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or even in a superhero movie, so no we would see her as Sue Storm, or better known as The Invisible Woman.

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