Alec Baldwin case: Reveal videos of the accident where Halyna Hutchins lost her life


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Six months after Halyna Hutchins lost her life after being accidentally shot by Alec Baldwin, videos of what happened after the incident occurred on the set of the movie ‘Rust’ have been revealed. In them, you can see how the production was attended by the emergency personnel who responded to the call for help from those who were filming.

It was the Santa Fe Police (New Mexico, United States), which shared the videos publicly, being recordings of the security cameras that carried some first aid elements that went to the scene of the accident that occurred in October 2021.

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In these clips you can see how officers, doctors and part of the staff organized themselves to care for Halyna Hutchins, director of photography for ‘Rust’, and Joel Souza, director of the same western film. Both were the ones who were injured by the bullet impact they received from Alec Baldwin when they were rehearsing one of the scenes of the old western film.

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However, in these images you can also see that Halyn Hutchins was already in a critical condition by then; while Joel Souza was aware. Although, finally, the cinematographer was declared dead after she tried to treat her in the hospital, while the film director was able to survive the impact.

On the other hand, the shared videos also give images of Alec Baldwin at the scene of the events that had not been revealed until now. This is a first approach to the actor by one of the officers who attended the crime scene, where it was confirmed that he had been the one holding the gun and who triggered it; as well as the total sample of cooperation of the interpreter with the authorities to deal with the case.

Alec Baldwin’s shooting scene in ‘Rust’ is revealed

Another of the clips that have been made public recently is related to the recording of the scene rehearsal that Alec Baldwin was doing when he shot Halyna Hutchins at Joel Souza. Although the clip does not show that the gun was activated, the video is important because it represents moments before the accident took place.

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For now, the investigation of this case is still open and in the hands of the Santa Fe Police, but several consequences have already arisen for the film’s producer. Such is the case of a fine of $135 thousand dollars for not complying with the security measures that are needed and required when filming any type of film project.

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