Alexandre Barrette spills his favorite Sortez challenge of the season

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Alexandre Barrette’s Favorite Challenge from Get Out Season

Canadian comedian and actor Alexandre Barrette has revealed his favorite challenge from the latest season of the popular travel show Get Out.

As a guest host for the show, Barrette joined regular host Kim-Joy in a variety of challenges that took them across Canada and pushed their physical and mental limits. While he enjoyed all of the challenges, one in particular stood out to him as his favorite.

Barrette’s Favorite Challenge: The Stand-Up Paddleboard Challenge

During the Stand-Up Paddleboard Challenge, Barrette and Kim-Joy took to the waters of British Columbia’s beautiful and serene Tofino. The challenge involved them paddling on stand-up paddleboards while searching for wildlife and completing various tasks.

Barrette enjoyed the challenge because it allowed him to fully immerse himself in the beauty of the area and connect with nature. He was also able to showcase some of his comedy chops, as the challenge required him to perform stand-up comedy while on the paddleboard.

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Get Out Season 2

Get Out is a Canadian travel show that invites celebrities to take part in various challenges in beautiful locations across Canada. The latest season, which aired in 2021, featured guest hosts such as Barrette, Rick Mercer, and Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Viewers can catch all the action and breathtaking scenery of the latest season on TV or through streaming services. With its mix of adventure, humor, and stunning destinations, Get Out is a must-watch show for anyone who wants to experience the beauty of Canada.

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