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Rick Harrison’s son Jake finally made an appearance on the Pawn Stars show by popping up in the episode that aired on Monday, March 29, 2021. As he is so much younger than Rick’s we haven’t seen Jake on the reality TV series before. Now as we can see Jake is old enough to pick up a summer job, he has decided to check out the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn shop.

The popular teenager follows in his father’s footsteps in many ways. He has never been in the spotlight, mainly due to his age, there are also a few things that the public knows about Jake. From public appearances to other information, here are some important facts about Rick Harrison’s son Jake Harrison.

Who is Jake Harrison?

Jake Harrison is not completely a pawn shop pro but he does show some promising skills in the recent episode of the series. Jake is Rick Harrison with their ex-wife Tracy Harrison. We have also seen when Rick teaches Jake how to use a heavy-duty magnifying glass tool known as Loupe, the teen is very much able to spot the difference between a fake and a real Rolex. In that particular scene, Rick simply asks Jake what looks weird in the fake Rolex and Jake quickly finds out what most of the people wouldn’t even notice.

Their professional skills do not stop here as both father and son pair supported former US President Donald Trump as well. Both of them also have a photograph together with Trump in 2018. Jake also enjoys various video games and he has also been seen playing some with the rest of the Pawn stars squad towards the end of the episode.

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Now only with time, we will get to know whether Jake will become a permanent member of the Pawn Stars crew in the future. Or we will also see he will need Corey’s advice about finishing school and not getting trapped at the shop for his entire life. Now let’s read on some more interesting things about Jake Harrison.

Jake’s Mom Used To Work At The Pawn Shop

We all know that World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn shop is one of the best family business definitions. Not only Jake’s dad runs the story but his mom Tracy used to work there as well. But after some time, she decided to leave her job behind after Jake was born so that she could completely focus on raising him. You might not know but Tracy and Rick got divorced in 2011.

Jake Has Been Photographed With Former President Trump

Jake’s father Rick Harrison is known for being a member of the republican party and a very conservative one. He also openly supported former president Donald Trump during both of his election campaigns. The same is followed by Jake as well when it comes to political views. In 2018, both Jake and his father got a picture with President Donald Trump at the Las Vegas Convention center.

Jake Is a Very Private Person

While many members of Jake’s family are always in the spotlight, he has always been under the limelight. Jake always tries to keep a low profile. Even though he is Rick Harrison’s son he probably scores less serious cool points at school, Jake is actually a very low-key person.

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Jake Was Born in 2003

Since Jake is a pretty private person, we could never find his actual date of birth. But according to his father’s book, License To Pawn: Deals and My Life at the Gold & Silver we know that Jake was born in 2003. This also means that he is either 17 or 18 years old.

He is Not Socially Active

Unlike most teenagers, Jake does not appear to be very much active on social media. The only social media profile our sources were able to find out for Jake was an old Instagram account that has not had any activity since the summer of 2014. And even on that particular Instagram account, we have not seen them very much active.

Jake Got Some Skills At Spotting Fake Items

On his first appearance at Pawn Stars show, we saw how professional he is when it comes to spotting fake items. Jake proved that he is someone who gets really to grab the ropes of the pawn shop with a quick study. Along with the help of his father, Jake was able to spot a fake Rolex watch by noticing that it was painted green instead of using authentic green sapphires.

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He Likes Vidoe Games

Jake’s not only focused on his World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn shop. He can also be seen spending a little time relaxing and enjoying different video games. So, we can say that Jake also likes to play video games but we are not sure whether he is a diehard gamer from heart or not.

Jake’s Plan Is Unclear For Family Business

According to what our reports say, working at Gold & Silver Pawnshop was just a summer job for Jake. As he is still in high school, he may not be able to put everything into Pawnshop and he may also have time to give a thought to what he actually wants to do in the future. Also, he did not mention whether he sees a future in working with the pawn business or not. If Jake is not ready to pursue his future in the family business, then RIck has two other children ready to carry the forward legacy.

In the end, we can say that even though Jake is not a Pawn stars member yet but eventually we can surely see him become one in the future. It would also be not surprising for any of us if the show makers decide to bring Jake back in the show. Besides working at the shop for the summer break, Jake may also pop up on the show during his breaks from school.

Pawn Stars show airs every Saturday at 9 Pm on History Tv channel.

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