Ally and Tommy argue on FaceTime and it makes you react

Samuel Edwards

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Ally and Tommy

A few weeks after a scandal of intimidation in Occupation Double Martinique, here are two former candidates add in a video of a heated discussion.

It is the QC Scoop gossip page that shared the video in which we can see a Facetime between Ally Imbeault and Tommy Kimpton.

The clip only shows Ally’s reaction to Tommy’s words, and she gets carried away. We hear her say to Tommy “You get on my nerves royally, you piss me off, you piss off my friends, you piss everyone off”.

Tommy retorts with “Hey, you could at OD right now!”, to which Ally replies “You can’t be able to OD Tommy either!”

The two former contestants take turns swapping arrows, with Ally calling Tommy a narcissist and telling him that people who really know him would want to “screw him down a ravine.”

QC Scoop revealed that they had received this video anonymously, and they contacted the main stakeholders to understand the context.

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They reportedly explained that Ally had organized a viewing party of OD with her friends, including Anna-Maëlle from the island of love, when she received a call from Tommy.

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