Amazing Attractions to Visit Whilst Touring Canada

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Canada is a land that offers a tremendous range of experiences for visitors. The second-largest country in the world stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast and includes stunning waterways, mountainsides and historical settlements. 

With a rich cultural heritage coming from a wealth of different traditions, Canada can offer a stunning trip to curious travellers.

Here is a selection of sights that no tourist to Canada should miss!  

Niagara Falls 

Niagara Falls takes top spot in our list for good reason. Canada’s most famous attraction, the natural wonder pulls in millions of tourists every year. The three massive waterfalls take in such a huge area they actually encompass both a Canadian side and an American one in New York state. 

The Canadian waterfall, named Horseshoe Falls, is the largest of the group. Situated just over an hour’s drive from Toronto, it is an essential part of the attraction. 

Niagara Falls has been a popular destination for travellers to Canada for hundreds of years. A daredevil type of adventure holiday became big in the 19th and 20th centuries. Tightrope walkers, homemade boats and other spectacle makers continue to bring a carnival atmosphere to the falls and their surroundings.

Visitors to the Falls can also enjoy the major entertainment complex of the nearby Clifton Hill. The wide promenade leads to the waterfalls and is home to a number of gift shops, museums, video arcades, and other themed attractions. Those with a head for heights may choose to visit the 175-foot-tall Niagara SkyWheel, or the Skylon Tower with revolving restaurant. Both offer breath-taking views of the surrounding area. 

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Another popular attraction for visitors keen to learn more about the area is the Journey Behind the Falls located in the Table Rock Centre beside Horseshoe Falls. Home to some of the best views and photo opportunities of the cascading water, the attraction is a key part of a Niagara visit. 

Scotiabank Arena

The home of both the NHL hockey club the Maple Leaf’s .and the basketball team the Toronto Raptors is an incredible site to visit. 

Anyone thinking of making the most of online sports betting to see the odds of the Maple Leafs winning the Stanley Cup this season will enjoy looking around the stunning arena. 

Named the Scotiabank Arena because of its construction on the site of the Canada Post Delivery Building, the stadium is a 665,000 square foot facility. Completion of the new sports stadium was made in 1998, with the first sports games taking place in early 1999.

The Arena is not just for sports fans, however. The site can comfortably hold just over 19,000 spectators for musical and dance events. Named as one of the busiest music venues in the world by Billboard in 2018, the Scotiabank has a proud history of putting on incredible shows and events. 

The Canadian 

Visitors after a contemplative approach to travel might well plump for the Canadian train service. Stretching from Toronto to Vancouver, the 2,275-mile trip takes three days to complete. 

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The gorgeously fitted train recently underwent a £22 million modernisation process and includes comfortable sleeping carriages and all facilities to make for a pleasant trip.

The journey offers passengers the chance to the sublime lakes of northern Ontario and the majestic heights of the Canadian Rockies, before comfortably pulling into the big city of Vancouver. 

Gros Morne National Park

Nature lovers will rejoice in the expanse of parkland and natural beauty Gros Morne. Located on the island of Newfoundland to the east of Quebec, the unique countryside takes in cliffs, waterfalls and Alpine settings. 

Fantastic for hiking trails, the country park is also perfect for any travellers with an interest in geology. The natural rock formations and glacial fjords give a stunning look at the earth’s movements across millennia. The Tablelands area provide a compelling desert-like appearance created by the shifting of tectonic plates.

Visitors keen on snow sports can experience the area in peak winter activity season from February to April. At that time, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling events are exceptionally popular. 

There is also the opportunity to see the natural animal inhabitants of the mountainous region. Everything from black bears, deer and moose can be seen in the parkland, with even giant whales’ resident in the waterways. A breath-taking chance to see life at its most wild. 

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The small town of Churchill is another great option for travellers looking to get up close to Canada’s natural animal residents. Best to visit from around October to November, the Manitoba destination is ideal for taking in all sorts of wildlife activities. 

Travellers to Churchill can partake in swimming and snorkelling adventures in the water where Beluga whales can be found. 

The area is also well known for being home to a natural population of polar bears. One of the few places in the world where visitors can see the proud creatures in their home environment, Churchill is a memorable visit for lovers of the giant bears. 

Old Montreal

For a taste of fine city life, the vibrancy and eclecticism of Old Montreal is a genuine treat. Perfect for travellers looking to take in the cultural diversity Canada offers, the old part of Montreal includes fantastic options for dining and shopping in the superbly adorned historic restaurants, shops and cafes.

A trip to Old Montreal can take in the world-famous Rue Bonsecours Market. The two-storey domed public space completed construction in 1847 and has welcomed traders and shoppers ever since. Named a national historic site of Canada in 1984, it is a fine site to take in the energy and exuberance of Montreal. 

Visitors to Canada are always well served by the sheer diversity of travelling options. With so many different possibilities on offer, one trip is never enough.

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