Amazing Things to Do in Madrid

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There’s hardly any positive list you would want to compile about cities in Europe that will not contain Madrid. The Spanish Capital is so full of life, finesse, and cultural wealth. From arts to sports and iconic architecture, the state cum city has a chain of excellence and uniqueness that stems back over 400 years ago.

Even if you knew some things on our list of amazing things you can do in Madrid, I guess you did not know that the name Madrid means ‘area of sufficient water’ due to the two major water bodies running through the city. Before it was named Madrid, the city used to be called Mayrit Madrid is mostly sunny, and of the many things that will intrigue you about this city, its weird-looking coat of arms will make you lost in thoughts.  

Let’s see some of the best things you should try or places you should visit if you decide to tour Madrid or get a home for rent there

1. Prado Museum

The Prado Museum is perhaps the most popular Spanish art gallery in the world. It focuses on Spanish origins and a few Italian artworks, and you would expect to see a blend of rejuvenation and contemporary creativity. 

There are works of many artists with Spanish origins displayed here, and a few of them include Velázquez, and Brueghel, amongst others. The Italian counterpart is Caravaggio but he isn’t the only one whose work is displayed in the museum.

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Just a little tip: You will be a bit astounded by different paintings and artworks showing the poise of different Spanish artists

2. The Green Park

Madrid has a green area also. It is a stone’s throw from the popular Prado Museum, Madrid’s Retiro Park is a delightful gift of nature to Madrid. This park was formerly owned by the royal family in Madrid, but things changed between 1800 and 1900 as it became available to all to use. 

It is family-inclusive also, as you and your young ones can paddle the pond there during the afternoon periods. 

The place holds some memorable items, like the ancient tree in Madrid (planted in the 17th century), a monument to remember the 12th Alfonso (the man who gave Spain an improved constitution), and the Philippine Exhibition. Created to depict a part of Spain’s history

This park has a brownish look in summer due to the cypresses and swamps. 

3. Madrid’s Gorgeous Palace

Fondly tagged the palace with the full UI/UX experience, Madrid’s royal palace is a perfect blend of excellence, ease, culture, and dexterity. This palace was built just beside the fortress-palace of Alcazar in the 18th century, and it comprises some of the oldest architecture ever known in Spain. 

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It is better experienced than heard, so when next you plan to go to Madrid, this is a must-see place. There are some historical artifacts and frescoes for you to see.

Like in the Museum, various artists work beautifying the palace, and it is also home to the world’s only Italian ancient string instrument. 

4. Real Madrid and Santiago Bernabéu 

Though it might be hard to admit for many teams in the world (even their next-door neighbor), Real Madrid is, beyond a reasonable doubt, the most successful club in the world, and there are but a few clubs that have not been torched on their way to that exclusive status.

Even if you are not a fan, you should be intrigued to see where most of the actions witnessed on TV took place. Santiago Bernabeu is the home of Real Madrid. The 85,000 seater stadium has a panoramic view, a trophy collection where you will see the 11 champions league trophy won), a press room, and even the VIP villa. 

5. Hippy spots

The Gran Vila is one of the hippest places in Madrid. From Dusk till Dawn, it never ceases to have traffic of shoppers and passersby. For lack of a better description, we will tag Madrid’s ‘Broad street’.

If you are looking for fun and spontaneity, a short trip through this place will offer you much more than you bargained for. 

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During the day, premium malls like Zara are full to the brim, while at night, partners will walk to and from the mall in a romantic fashion. Night time is for the real fun to begin in nightclubs and bars. 

6. San Ginés’ hot chocolate

I’m quite certain you have heard of swiss chocolate, or perhaps chocolate-rich Belgium, but I doubt you know that Madrid as a city has one of the best chocolates in the world. Albeit not as chocolate bars, the Spanish hot chocolate is the best fluid you need in cold weather. 

Two things that make it unique are its luxurious look and its thickness. Sometimes, a spoon will be handy. If you want to enjoy it better, add churro (a deep-fried dough that is crisp outside but soft inside) coated with sugar.

There are a lot of places to enjoy this, but one stands out; the San Gines. With over 120 years in existence, this brand maintains consistency and excellence in its hot chocolates. 

There are other amazing places you can visit, especially the remaining two places in the golden triangle of Art. Does any of these places pique your interest? You can book a room for your visit to Madrid at

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