Amazon Prime Video: 3 comedy movies to remember the 2000s


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The Amazon Prime Video catalog offers options for all tastes and movies of all time. In this opportunity, we share 3 ideal comedies to remember the years 2000 and we tell you everything there is to know about it. Next, all the details.

Amazon Prime Video: 3 comedies to return to the 2000s

legally blonde

By the early 2000s, Reese Witherspoon already had several jobs in both film and television. However, her career was in need of a great success that would shoot her up on an artistic level and put her on the front pages of the whole world.

Witherspoon in Legally Blonde 2.

This came from the hand of Legally Blonde, a comedy in which he works alongside Luke Wilson, Selma Blair, Victor Garber and Jennifer Coolidge, among other artists. In this production, Witherspoon plays Elle Woods, a beautiful and glamorous young woman who has it all and who, against all odds and against the prejudices that weigh on her, decides to study law and succeeds in the world of law.

The good news is that this recommendation is given twice, since Legally Blonde has 2 installments (2001 and 2003) and both are available on Amazon Prime Video.

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Little Big friends

Beyond the story it tells and the elements that make it work as a comedy, one of the biggest keys that makes this film an inescapable classic is the bond that is built between its protagonists, Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning.

Released in 2003, Little Big Friends tells the story of two women, an adult and a girl, who seem to have nothing in common. However, they soon discover that deep down there is something that unites them and that connects them in a very intense way.

In addition to remembering the 2000s, this film serves to keep present the figure of Murphy, an actress who died of cardiac arrest in 2009 at the age of 32.


Starring Elliot Page, then known as Ellen Page, Juno tells the story of a young teenager who becomes pregnant after having sex with a friend and classmate (Michael Cera).

In this 2007 film, which is not your typical comedy since it contains certain dramatic elements, great actors such as JK Simmons, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman and Allison Janney also work. Without a doubt, it is one of the most beautiful stories of recent times, which makes it the ideal option to laugh and also to be moved to tears.

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