Amber Heard demanded Johnny Depp pay her $14 million during their divorce


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Since last April 11, which has been held in the Virginia court in the United States, the trial between Johnny Depp, who sues Amber Heard for defamation, in which he demands $50 million dollars. Now, a witness for the actor has taken the stand to claim that the actress asked the actor for $14 million, tax-free and directly to her, during her divorce.

Through Fox’s LiveNOw channel, or on the Law & Crime Network YouTube channel, where all the videos of the follow-up of the case between the actors, Edward White, director of the company that handles Johnny Depp’s finances, and The actor’s witness revealed that Amber Heard had great economic demands on the actor, who asked to be paid directly to her, without interventions.

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Initially, the witness of the protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean” mentions that the amount was different from what he finally reached after a few months. In addition, Amber Heard allegedly demanded that the payments be tax-free. Edward White mentions that Johnny Depp, along with his team of lawyers, wrote each and every one of the checks they paid.

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Negotiations with Ms. Heard, she had asked for US$4 million, but her demand continuously increased. She went to $5 million, then to $5.5 million, then to $7 million, then demanded that Mr. Depp pay her lawyers $500,000.”

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It is worth mentioning that Amber Heard promised that she would use that money to donate it to some children’s hospitals and charities, which was proven never to happen. The payment of this sum of money would work in favor of Johnny Depp, as it would show that the actress had lied about where she finally used the money.

Amber Heard did not comply with donations to organizations

The witness added: “After that consideration, he said that all the common liabilities that were accumulated during the course of the marriage, [es decir] USD$13.5 million, had to be paid in full. So at the time she was demanding $14,250,000 tax-free,” she commented.

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Just before the trial between the two actors began, it was confirmed that Amber Heard did not donate the $3.5 million she had promised to some institutions, which White says were in the name of the actress. Heard only reportedly donated US$500,000, and made no mention of the rest.

The witness noted that Heard personally asked Depp for two payments of $7 million for his pension, and to do so without intermediaries. The above caught the attention of the court, because legally the actress of ‘Aquaman’ had not fulfilled the responsibilities that she herself had promised.

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