Amber Heard fires her public relations team after reactions to the trial with Johnny Depp


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Since last April 11, 2022, that Johnny Depp’s trial for defamation against Amber Heard began, and the reactions from the fans, the press and the internet in general have not been very favorable for the actress of ‘ Aquaman’, which has now responded by laying off its entire PR team.

From the Fairfax County Court in Virginia, United States, the trial between the actor of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and Amber Heard is taking place, and according to information from The New York Post, the actress has fired her team of public relations after the wave of bad headlines and fan reactions against him.

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After the publication of Amber Heard’s article in The Washington Post, where she talked about the violence experienced with her ex-partner, it was confirmed that the text would have been a type of publicity to increase the emotion for the premiere of ‘Aquaman’. Johnny Depp’s response was to sue the actress for $50 million for defamation, and as a counterclaim, Heard demanded double that if he won.

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Despite the fact that, during the divorce process in 2016, and until 2020, when he won the lawsuit in which Disney and Warner Bros finally cut ties with Johnny Depp, now in 2022 things have gone against the current for the actress, because in The trial has revealed things that the followers have changed their minds about their position.

Amber Heard wants to improve her public image

The foregoing has been reflected in the public relations of the actress, who has responded with dismissals of all her team in charge of improving her contacts and image before the press and fans. Now, the information ensures that she has hired new members, such as David Shane, of Shane Communications, a specialist in improving companies and people with problems.

This movement of Amber Heard occurs in the middle of the trial against Johnny Depp, which still has a few weeks to go before the jury finally determines a solution to the case. Well, in the days that the trial takes place in Virginia, the headlines, the fans, and her testimonies do not stop showing evidence against the actress that has left her in a bad light.

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After the premiere of ‘Aquaman and the Lost Empire’ with Jason Momoa, Amber Heard seems to have a difficult future in Hollywood, as there is no production on the doorstep for the actress. Instead, Johnny Depp seems to regain the trust of different producers, although he himself said that he would not return to Disney or Warner for future installments of “Fantastic Animals” or “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

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