American Horror Story Season 10: FX President ‘ACCIDENTALLY’ Reveals Release Date

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Ryan Murphy’s series is gearing up for its tenth installment, titled “Double Role.”

With more than a year late, mainly in the wake of the global pandemic, it is clear that fans of ” American Horror Story ” are going out of their way to see new episodes. So far, there was no news so much about what could happen with the story, as with when the chapters could be released. However, it seems that there was a manager who missed a vital piece of information.

FX President John Landgraf gave some details on what the signal plans were like for the next season of ” American Horror Story.” Although his intention would have been to maintain the suspense and uncertainty, there was a key piece of information that allowed many to speculate on what the arrival day of the tenth installment will be.

According to Landgraf’s statements, the series created by Ryan Murphy will return with its tenth season to end on a very special date: Halloween. Knowing that the delivery will have a total of ten episodes, this could mean that the premiere of the series would be at the end of August, particularly on the 29th. It was reported that there will be two stories simultaneously, one on land and the other at sea.

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To “American Horror Story”, Deadline revealed when the arrival date of the spin-off of the series entitled “American Horror Stories” will be. Apparently, in the same statements, Landgraf explained that Hulu was going to start airing its episodes weekly from July. It will be an anthological series with 16 chapters in total.

They revealed the role of Evan Peters.

Among the different actors that Murphy usually repeats in his different seasons of ” American Horror Story “, one of those who stands out is Evan Peters. Weeks ago, a photo of the set began to circulate that would have revealed what his role would be in the tenth season of the series. The leaked images showed him wearing the signature wardrobe of his character Tate Langdon: a sweater that was too large and his hair was disheveled, he was photographed next to the front of the house of his debut, in the first season.

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