Amy Schumer Explains Why She Let Go Her Doula

David Galvan

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In 2019, in the weeks following the birth of her only child, Amy Schumer used her social media to sing the praises of her doula, a woman named Domino who is married to famed actor Penn Badgley, the star of ‘You’, and is the sister of performers Jemima and Lola Kirke.

Although the comedian was not very clear about what exactly that figure does, which accompanies pregnant women throughout pregnancy and childbirth, she also recommended to anyone who could afford it to hire one because it had helped her enormously.

However, shortly after making those statements Amy fired hers because she could not stand her presence. The comedy actress is well aware that she was very unfair to her friend, who just wanted to help her, but she couldn’t help but feel the way she felt and eventually had to ask her not to come back anymore.

“Domino is like a goddess. It’s like a mermaid floating around the house. It’s lovely, and when it touches you, it’s like it melts you. He was really a member of the family. And I was in a very vulnerable moment. I couldn’t have that goddess of Botticelli in my house while I kept bleeding,” he has now admitted.

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However, it seems that Domino perfectly understood what was happening and didn’t take it as a personal insult, because Amy has shared that story on her husband Penn Badgley’s podcast.Amy Schumer fired her famous doula because she was too perfect

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