An Anne-Marie Dussault: Actor and Journalist from Nineteenth Century

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Anne-Marie Dussault

Anne-Marie Dussault is known among the famous Canadian journalists from the nineteenth century. The actress is now old, but her fans have not stopped loving and supporting her even though she is not as young as she used to be.

The journalist is in the limelight and cannot be seen by all her lovers and fans, but if you want to know her, you can read this article to learn more about the journalist and many of her creations that may influence you.

Biography of Anne-Marie Dussault

  • Name- Anne Marie Dussault
  • Birth Date- April 19, 1953
  • Birth Place- Quebec City, Canada
  • Age- 68 years old
  • Profession- Journalist
  • Education- Quebec Professional Federation of a journalist (2001-2004) 
  • Nationality- French Canadian
  • Residence- Canada

Who is Anne-Marie Dussault?

Anne-Marie Dussault was born in Quebec City on April 19, 1953, in Canada, where her father was a constructor and an odd-job worker from East London. The journalist’s mother was a teacher, and she came from Essex. Anne Marie Dussault also has a sister named Samantha.

The journalist also became a part of two mainstream theatre acting when she was six years old and reappeared in the Whistle Down the Wind theatre show when she was 12 years old. At the age of twenty, Anne-Marie Dussault became the host at Radio Canada and hosted the magazine Contrechamp.

Later on, the journalist joined the Point team, where she hosted the Sunday show for the viewers. Anne-Marie Dussault also became the organizer of the Tout le monde en parlait show on Radio Canada, which was then a place where people debated over opinions.

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Anne-Marie Dussault broke ties with Radio Canada as a host, joined the Tele-Quebec team, and then began hosting many other shows, including the Droit de Parole, Quebec full screen’ effet Dussault and the Hot Spot shows.

Anne-Marie Dussault is a renowned journalist and a representative who is around 68 years old. She is a live example of what a legitimate journalist can achieve. Anne-Marie Dussault has been in journalism for more than 35 years through learning and presenting.

Besides this, Anne-Marie Dussault is a lawyer in practice and a TV show host in Quebec for Radio-Canada and ICI RDI. She is undoubtedly a very hard-working woman, even at this age. Anne-Marie Dussault’s greatest achievement is winning Gemini Award seven times and a prize in appreciation for the French language TV in Canada.

Anne-Marie Dussault has won more prizes and appreciation awards, including the Anick Prize, Judith-Jasmine Prize, and the Wilderness Prize. 

Anne-Marie Dussault Family

Anne-Marie Dussault has been serving as a renowned French-Canadian journalist for around 35 years and was married to Marc Laurendeau, a journalist who is 14 years older than Anne-Marie. Marc Laurendeau has also made his career in other fields like acting, teaching, and telecast hosting.

Anne-Marie Dussault got married in 2016, and since then, their marriage has been 37 years, and they are still happy, along with a baby girl named Maxime Dussault- Laurendeau. The couple has kept their personal and professional life separate from the world.

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Anne-Marie Dussault is very ambitious and truthful, which can be seen in her shows representing that she is not afraid of anyone and has received numerous awards for her work. The journalist is an extraordinary example for many working women as she has succeeded both in her career and married life.

Career of Anne-Marie Dussault

Anne-Marie Dussault was elected president of the Professional Federation of Journalists of Quebec from 2001 to 2004. Later in 2006, she became the only journalist to attend the new Tele Quebec political program with a co-host.

Then again, in 2008, Anne-Marie Dussault became a part of the program that is 24/60 news magazines. This program is an overview of the regular news, including debates and interviews, and she also hosted the presidential election campaign for Paul Larocque.

The journalist is also a part of the Telejournal Mindi, which is extended with a time limit of sixty minutes. It is because the telecast has interviews to be presented at the start of the bulletin show for the audience.

Anne-Marie Net Worth

The information gathered from various resources and surroundings states that Anne-Marie Dussaut’s net worth is around 3 million Dollars. This data is approached from resources, including social media updates, stats, and news reports about the journalist.

The ultimate source of her income is her career in the journalism field, but for now, her monthly salary of Anne-Marie Dussault is unknown. In contrast, a part of her net worth is also a contribution from her husband, who is expected to be a huge asset owner.

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Anne-Marie Dussault Social Media Appearance

The journalist is loved by many people and has a huge fan base because of her profession and extraordinary lifestyle. This fame increases her responsibility to know thousands of followers because of her remarkable and bold personality, not being afraid of anything or anyone. 

Anne-Marie is available on many social media platforms and has many followers. However, she is active regularly on the platforms like Twitter and Facebook and posts new updates, clips, and professional photos but very less about her personal life.

You can also read about Anne-Marie Dussault on Wikipedia and the Internet with all the information that you get to read in this article. The journalist is well-renowned and known because of her work and personal life management for such a long time of around 35 years.


This article has all the information on Anne-Marie, a well-known journalist in Quebec, Canada. With more updates on her net worth and life. We shall come up with new updates if there exists any data in the future.

Anne-Marie Dussault’s life and career are undoubtedly an extraordinary life story for many people, especially women in the modern generation, as the journalist has properly managed her personal and professional life for over 37 years.

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