Anatomy of a Scandal: The Netflix series that dethroned other great productions

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Anatomy of a Scandal: The Netflix series that dethroned other great productions

Anatomy of s Scandal arrived on April 15, 2022 and is competing positively with the premieres of seasons longed for by the audience of other series that coincided in their return, as happened with Bridgerton that arrived on March 25 and with what new Elite from April 8. What is it that brings this new Netflix series that aroused this curiosity in such a short time and that obtained this popularity as if by magic?

Displacing series of the magnitude of Bridgerton and Elite from the throne is no small thing, since it translates into millions of hours played and the unbeatability of these records. The plot of Anatomy of a Scandal is written in a 6-episode miniseries format only. It is based on the 2017 novel of the same name, written by Sarah Vaughan that mixes different genres: part political, sexual and even psychological thriller and part judicial drama.

“In this gripping series, he breaks into Britain’s elite through personal and political scandal, where the truth lies somewhere between justice and privilege. James Whitehouse (Rupert Friend) and Sophia Whitehouse (Sienna Miller) who live in a happy and exclusive world.” This is how its official synopsis describes it.

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It tells the story of this minister of Parliament, who has everything in his favour, his beautiful family and a limitless future professionally. All very perfect until a scandalous secret is revealed. That is when the character Kate Woodcroft (Michelle Dockery) appears, who also has an impeccable resume, and who is determined to end Westminster and the Whitehouse marriage as well, regardless of whether this affects her personal life.

Everything becomes a knot of intrigue, passion, secrecy and power, so it is not surprising that Anatomy of a Scandal has reached the top spot on Netflix less than a week after its premiere. Similarly, the feminist MeToo movement is reflected in the development of history and has placed it in the eye of the hurricane, since it exposes the jugular of toxic masculinity and how the most powerful men in the world have exerted their influence with impunity for decades.

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In addition to Sienna Miller, Michelle Dockery, Rupert Friend, Naomi Scott is also part of the cast, who played Jazmine in the LiveAction version of the story Aladdin and also Ben Radcliffe, who is the revelation actor who debuts with Anatomy of a Scandal in his main cast. .

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This new Netflix hit was created by the winner of 11 Emmy awards and responsible for tremendous series like Big Little Lies, Chicago Hope and Ally McBeal, the great David E. Kelly; who in the company of Melissa James Gibson (House of Cards) have not yet confirmed his second season, however, everything indicates that he will have it, but it is expected that they will make it official soon.

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