Andrew Garfield would have imitated Will Smith’s blow to Chris Rock after Oscar Awards 2022


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After the 2022 Oscar Awards ceremony came to an end with many controversies about men, celebrities began to leave the Dobly Theater, the venue where the event was held. Andrew Garfield was one of those who managed to be seen after leaving the place and was also captured in what would seem to be an imitation of the slap that Will Smith gave Chris Rock during the ceremony.

A video published on YouTube and on social networks shows that the nominee for Best Actor for his leading role in ‘Tick, Tick…Bom!’, made an imitation of what was experienced halfway through the celebration of the 94th edition of the Academy Awards. In the clip, it is shown how he walks and approaches two women to refer to this controversial fact that took the spotlight of the award ceremony.

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As he walks to approach these unknown women who also seem to have attended the event, he begins to make gestures with his head, to frown and later to address some words to them that cannot be heard but that, due to the movement on his lips, seems to say, “Do you have a problem with me? or What is your problem with me? An action that reflects an intention to fight.

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Seconds later, he does in addition to slapping each of them, but holding his hand with the other, showing that, in reality, everything is a mere performance. After this action, she frowns in disbelief and laughs, then hugs the two girls; at this point she cuts the clip, but leaves the intention clear that Andrew Garfield is making fun of something he saw … and it all relates to Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars.

The controversy of Will Simth and Chris Rock at the Oscars 2022

The moment of the 2022 Oscar Awards that Andrew Garfield would be imitating along with the two unknown girls, is the one that involves Will Smith and Chris Rock on the stage of the film ceremony, while the first slapped the second, leaving the venue in complete shock. The situation stemmed from a “joke” the comedian made about actress Jada Pinkett Smith, the actor’s wife.

Before announcing the winner for Best Documentary of this edition of the Academy Awards, Chris Rock made several jokes to the attendees and among them he directed one of Jada Pinkett Smith, labeling her baldness, caused by alopecia. However, the actress did not take the “joke” well and her husband, Will Smith responded to that, addressing the comedian with the intention of “putting him in her place”.

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This ended in the slap and, in addition, in an exchange of words that put the entire room in tension. Chris Rock was shocked but ended his participation on the podium in a professional way, although with a face that showed shock at what just happened with the nominee and subsequent winner of the Oscar for Best Actor in this edition.

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