Angelina Jolie wins battle with Brad Pitt in the war for his French winery

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Angelina Jolie wins battle with Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie has won a legal battle over her ex-husband Brad Pitt in the war over the Chateau Miraval winery, where they married in 2014.

The couple acquired the renowned rosé wine company in 2008, when it settled in the castle that sits in their Provencal vineyard. Since then, the actor has been working on the impressive buildings and grounds that compose it.

However, the protagonist of ‘Maleficent’ sold her stake to the liquor company Stoli, launching a network of lawsuits in the United States, France and Luxembourg between her and her ex, their respective companies and several business partners.

Recently, Jolie’s team asked Pitt, his manager and his company, Mondo Bongo, for documents. For its part, the actor’s team has been fighting for a court to deny the actress’ request for the documents and correspondence of the property.

But on Friday, a Los Angeles judge said the “Fight Club” star and his associates will be required to turn over the documents to the opposing party’s lawyers.

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Sources close to Jolie’s business operation told Page Six that Pitt has been carried away by the rancor and anger he has held since their separation and that he has allowed this to get in the way of his business.

“Any rational human being would be happy for Stoli to be a partner in their business. It has top-notch marketing and distribution,” the insiders said, explaining that the firm offers huge opportunities to grow the business. “He just can’t see beyond his hatred of Jolie.”

But a source close to Pitt revealed to Page Six that not only is the stoli deal not a no-brainer, as Pitt had also turned down a sale offer to the same company when he and Jolie were still married.

According to the informants, the idea of selling a part of the business to improve distribution is contrary to the plan he has long had for the project, which is to reinvest the profits in the company.

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“The best way to preserve value for [their children] is for parents to maintain full ownership of this increasingly valuable and expanding asset.”

The couple, who have six children, separated in 2016 after nine years together since they met on the set of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’.

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