Anna Taylor-Joy: Who Was The Man Kissing Her In Viral Photos?

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Musician Malcolm McRae has gone viral after being related to actress Anya Taylor-Joy.

Malcolm McRae, Anya Taylor-Joy’s supposed boyfriend, is an Alabama-born actor and musician who has gone viral thanks to the compromising images that came to light with the famous The Queens Gambit actress.

Taylor-Joy and musician Malcolm McRae were spotted in New York City and the photos sparked rumors that the actress has a boyfriend, as the snapshots came after the young woman spoke about having a partner in an interview in May. of 2021.

According to McRae’s biography on IMDB, McRae was “discovered” at age 12 at the AMTC (talent competition) among 1,100 actors, where he won Over All Young Actor in 2006. McRae starred in a short film, “Brotherly,” in 2008. and played Gene Grady on Howdy! 2020. However, music is McRae’s true focus.

His IMDB bio quotes him playing “guitar and piano” and singing “pop, folk, rockabilly, rock, and musical theater.” On his Instagram, McRae connects to the music of his rock band More, and most recently posted images of himself performing his song “Settled In” in April.

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Who is Malcolm McRae and what group does he play in?

Malcolm McRae is a member of the group More, a two-member group created by McRae and Kane Ritchotte (formerly Portugal The Man) and signed to Warner Records. The band is Spotify verified and has been together for over three years.

Previously during an interview, McRae spilled beans on his history with Ritchotte, “The Writing Process Was A Span Of More Than Three Years,” said the actor.

“Kane and I were doing solo projects individually and we had some songs that we had written and recorded separately. We got together and decided it was fun to write together and put our songs together. So we finished 10 songs in about three years.

What nationality does Anya Taylor-Joy have?

Taylor-Joy was born in Miami, Florida, to a Scottish-Argentine father. On Sunday, she won the Golden Globe for best actress in a miniseries or television movie for her work in Lady’s Gambit.

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Taylor-Joy, who does not consider herself pretty enough to be the lead, lived for some time in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as a child, and recorded a video for Netflix’s account in November 2020.

She said in a 2018 interview that she is “very cautious” when it comes to auditioning for Latino characters. “I am aware of the fact that I do not see myself as a typical Latino person, and that is not fair,” she told the publication. “I don’t want to be someone you can just fill in for that role when I’m really white and blonde.

Taylor-Joy hasn’t explicitly confirmed that she and McRae are dating, but they didn’t exactly hide their romantic connection. According to local media, the two were seen holding hands and kissing several times while walking through the Big Apple.

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