Annie Lennox gets her first tattoo at 67

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Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox has gotten her first tattoo at the age of 67. The leader of Eurythmics has proudly shown off her new design through a publication in which she detailed that she has undergone the needle for the first time to get two birds and a red heart engraved on her hip by tattoo artist Asa Lee Crow. IV, at the Shamrock Social Club in Los Angeles.

Annie posted a photo of the tattoo on her Instagram account, writing, “Got my first tattoo….#shamrock social club Thank you Mr. Asa Crow!” and when one of her followers asked her where the design was placed, she replied: “Behind my hip.”

Another fan asked if the tattoo artist was nervous, commenting, “Were you nervous? Giving Annie Lennox her first tattoo is a huge responsibility.”

The singer then replied: “No!!! Very experienced and in good hands!” before explaining that she didn’t have a single ink until she went under the needle last Saturday.

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One follower reacted to her post: “You’re cooler than me. I don’t have any! [tatuaje]! Congratulations on the milestone!” and Annie replied, “I didn’t have it either until Saturday…”.

Another fan attempted to decipher the meaning behind the design, commenting: “Hummingbird means healing and divine messenger I got one after having a tumor removed from my pancreas.”

While other fans suggested that the design reminded them of Annie’s 1992 solo song ‘Little Bird’, which has the lyrics: “Mama we reap what we sow / They always said you knew best / But this little bird has fallen out of the nest now / I feel like I might have been blessed / So I have to put these wings to the test.”

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