Anthony Mackie assures that Sebastian Stan is his “right hand” will he be in Captain America 4?


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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been in charge of uniting the lives of Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, two talented actors who have stood out in Hollywood by participating in different movies and series, but in the world of superheroes they are also very famous and the best of everything is that both are great friends off the screen.

In different interviews, this pair of stars has been seen to interact quite naturally and companionship, but after starring in ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’, the Disney + series, their relationship has been strengthened to the extent that Anthony Mackie calls Sebastian Stan his “right hand”, with whom he would inhabit a desert island.

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In a recent interview for Country Music Television, the protagonist of Netflix’s ‘Risk Zone’, confessed that if he had to inhabit a desert island, he would like to take his partner from the successful Marvel series with him: “Wherever I go, I take Sebastian (Stan) That’s my right hand… If I go to a desert island for 5 days, I’ll take my friend. Fish a little, drink some coconuts… that would be great. And he needs it, he’s a guy busy”.

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This statement has made some Marvel Studios fans think that Sebastian Stan’s participation in the movie ‘Captain America 4’ would be almost obvious, because at the moment it is not certain that the Winter Soldier will return, but Mackie could intervene in the production to include his right hand in the new adventure.

‘Captain America 4’ begins filming very soon

At the moment Marvel Studios has not revealed much information about the continuation of ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’, which will not take place in a second season, but will extend to the cinema and will be presented as the fourth Captain America movie. and the first in which this character will be played by Anthony Mackie.

In a recent interview with Extra TV, the famous actor was quickly questioned about his work in the production of this new Marvel movie, and as expected he did not say anything very revealing about the story, however he did confess that they will start recording ” in a few weeks” which means he’ll be back in his suit soon.

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It should be noted that among everything that Marvel has in production, “Captain America 4” goes to the background or third plane, since it does not even have a release date, however, the fans do want to see the return of Anthony Makie as the new Captain America, as well as the appearance of Sebastian Stan in this new adventure, so that together they do teamwork once again.

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