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Anya Taylor-Joy has been part of several movies. In each of them, the actress was encouraged to bet on a different genre and show the versatility that she has when putting herself in the shoes of a new character.

In this way, the public had the opportunity to get to know each of her facets and love her in each performance she performed. However, one of her works was highly applauded by the audience and critics. This is The Witch, also known as The Witch, a movie that is available within the Netflix catalog and that will surprise you from start to finish. We tell you all about her below!

The Witch: The Movie with Anya Taylor-Joy available on Netflix

The Witch became Robert Eggers’ first feature film, where the filmmaker makes his directorial and screenwriting debut. From its premiere, it managed to capture the attention of viewers and specialized critics.

Regarding its history, it takes us into New England in 1630. Thus we meet a family, which is made up of a marriage of Christian settlers and their five children. Together they live near a forest, which is attributed a demonic character due to a popular legend.

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The coexistence between the family ends up exploding when everyone begins to suspect their eldest daughter and believes that she practices witchcraft. This fear arises when the crops stop growing and the youngest son disappears. From the beginning, this movie starring Anya Taylor-Joy and available on Netflix, shows us that what happens is not a product of the characters’ imaginations but a legend that seems to be very real.

One of the strong factors of The Witch is that it has a lot of psychological terror, scenes full of intrigue and detailed shots, which force us to see everything the director wants. It always falls back on innuendo, to leave us wondering if what we see is real or not.

Although the script is good, it works perfectly thanks to its cast. Mainly, because of the great work that the actress does. This role managed to take her to the top and show that they have a talent impossible to ignore.

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Without a doubt, Robert Eggers presents us with a suffocating story where you will want to know what is happening from the first moment. However, you will get an incredible surprise in the final scene.

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