Are Madelyn Cline and Ross Butler dating?

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Following its breakthrough premiere in 2020 and blockbuster follow-up season in summer 2021, Outer Banks has become one of the most popular Netflix original shows. Due to the show’s popularity, Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, and the rest of the cast have become well-known.

When Outer Banks was first premiered and drew attention across the globe, Stokes and Cline continued their on-screen romance off-screen so that viewers can keep their ship afloat in real life. They have become the new “it” couple in the year since they started dating.

However, when Outer Banks season 2 ended its successful run on Netflix this summer, and the actors split off to work on other projects (including Madelyn Cline’s Knives Out 2), rumors started to circulate that Cline and Stokes had decided to call it quits.

More rumors are surrounding the couple as a result of those rumors. Cline has been seen with Ross Butler from To All the Boys and 13 Reasons Why, prompting some to assume the two are dating. Here’s what Outer Banks fans need to know about what is going on.

Ross Butler: Who Is He?

Ross Butler was born in Singapore’s Queenstown. In Fairfax, Virginia, his Chinese–Malaysian mother raised him. The 31-year-old actor has had an interest in acting since he was a kid. His curiosity quickly became a passion and then into a profession.

Ross attended Langley High School and graduated with honours. Following that, he enrolled at Ohio State University. Ross dropped out of university after one year to pursue his love for acting. He eventually relocated to Los Angeles to pursue acting courses.

Ross has received critical acclaim for his roles in films such as Teen Beach 2 and Perfect High. Ross plays Reggie Mantle in Riverdale. Ross was cast as Allen in the television movie The Gateway Life.

His primary reason for going into Hollywood was to alter the way Asian–American men were seen in mainstream Hollywood. Ross has 9.2 million Instagram followers.

What is Madelyn Cline’s background?

Madelyn Cline is an actress from the United States. The actress, who is 23 years old, was born and raised in South Carolina. Madelyn rose to prominence after starring as Sarah Cameroon in the film Outer Banks. Her work was highly appreciated, and she was given credit for it.

Madelyn went on to Coastal Carolina University after graduating from Charleston Day School. She dropped out of university in 2017 to pursue acting. Soon after, she was cast in minor parts such as Chloe in Boy Erased and Taylor Watts in Vice Principals.

Madelyn has also appeared in a few episodes of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. Her role in Outer Banks was cast in 2018. Her career took off when the performance got favourable reviews.

In June of 2020, she revealed her romance with co-star Chase. On social media, Madelyn is a well-known figure. Her Instagram account, @madelyncline, has 11.1 million followers.

Is it true that Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline are no longer together?

Although we knew the pair known as John B and Sarah were firmer than ever earlier this year, their relationship status is not so obvious as of September 2021. Of course, the whispers are just adding to the flames and may distort reality.

Cline and Stokes had been together for as of September 2021, according to probing fans, but things seemed to have changed by the end of the month. We will have to preserve their privacy until either side issues an official statement.

Is Ross Butler dating Madelyn Cline?

In the middle of the Chase Stokes split rumours, Cline was seen spending quality time with actor Ross Butler. Video of the couple dancing at an Italian restaurant where they were both attending Milan Fashion Week festivities published later.

Obviously, drawing the assumption that Cline and Butler are dating only based on their dance is reductive. Still, the OBX couple’s previous distance and this new development make their fans concerned.

Is the Rumor True or False?

None of the two has responded to the rumor with confirmation. It is likely Ross and Madelyn are attempting to keep it quiet for the time being. Ross said in an interview earlier this year that it was difficult since we have been in COVID for over a year, and he had no first dates in that time.  He has not practiced for such a long time. Right now, his dating life is a bit chilly.

According to, after seven months, reports of him dating Cline began to circulate. Madelyn’s doubts were confirmed when she shared a photo of herself with Chase on Chase’s birthday. Her post dispelled the idea that she and Chase had broken up. It is absolutely conceivable that Madelyn and Chase ended their relationship amicably and remain friends. The alleged split has sparked a lot of discussion among fans. It looks like they are not accepting these rumors well.


Perhaps they are keeping their relationship private, or they have quietly broken up and are not ready to tell the public (otherwise, it may affect the viewer’s perception of Outer Banks season 3). In any case, it is none of our concerns except theirs, and we wish Cline, Stokes, and Butler the best of luck.

Stay tuned to us for more information on your favourite Outer Banks actors as well as season 3 news!

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